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Welcome to the council O5-1. You have 1 new message and 3700 new tasks.

New Message:

This message contains a video file.

Begin Video Message Transcript:

A silhouetted figure is oriented facing the camera, most of their upper body is obscured by darkness. A desk sits between them and the camera. A window is discernible to the right, and illuminates portions of the room with a setting sun.

The flash of a lighter ignites the end of a cigar, and the embers contrast the surrounding darkness. A ring of smoke floats into the light before dissolving.

Figure: "I've been staring at this camera for more than an hour, debating on how to address you, both of you. I've considered cliche openings, launching straight in, political greetings and asking questions you would surely be wondering about yourself. All of it feels disingenuous. Perhaps that's why I chose you."

Another ring of smoke, followed by a sigh.

Figure: "108 years. I know Sherry asked. That's how long."

Figure: "…We'll start there. Yes, that's a good place."

Momentary pause followed by a long series of wet, phlegm-filled coughs.

Figure: "I apologize, my lungs are still adjusting, and there may be interruptions. Where were we?"

Figure: "Right, yes. I've set it so this will be the first thing you see. My predecessor didn't give me the luxury, we didn't have it in 1911. There are things you're going to see and hear that may shock you to your core… things about your past, and my past, and our interactions. I probably seem, and sound, scattered and I also apologize for that. You deserve a more clear and coherent explanation, but the mother's gifts aren't so generous on the mind, and political jockeying for a century makes expressing things clearly… difficult."

O5-1#2 coughs again.

O5-1#2: "Let's start with 001. Yes, the big number no one talks about."

A brief pause followed by more coughs and another puff of smoke.

O5-1#2: "There isn't one. There are 13."

7 seconds of silence.

O5-1#2: "One for each of us. Yes, each member of the council. This is either unsurprising, or a shock, but its a part of your reality now. SCPs, in your frame of mind, are singular anomalous things, people, locations, events, et cetera. Isolated abnormalities in the universe. It's simultaneously a truth and a falsehood. 001s are not like the anomalies you've dealt with and managed at Site-234. They are bigger, deeper, more connected, and have moving parts that usually consist of those smaller abnormalities that we classify. Some are of such cataclysmic scale that failure on our part would mean the end of everything. Believe me, we have failed before. Some, like 13's, are so far beyond any of our comprehension that we've lost track of what it is."

O5-1#2: "I'm waxing political at this point, and I will digress. 001s are projects, sometimes centered on central mono-mythic anomalies. Others focus on immediate threats to normalcy that cannot be met with normal means. Each of us drives one. Mine… is now yours."

O5-1#2 adjusts their chair, pulling on an I.V. next to the desk, running into their arm.

O5-1#2: "Are you religious? Spiritual? It's a question I always meant to ask when you became my assistants."

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Welcome back 05-01.


The following report contains sensitive details in regards to several contingency operations aimed at SCP-001-01. Listed assets and personnel may not apply to all contingencies. For security purposes, electronic reports may censor data, or appear incomplete. Questions regarding all documents are to be directed to regional command.

Project Assignment: Seas of Orcadia

Operation Identifier: HIGH TIDE

Threat Level: Maroon.

Priority Designation: PD-001

Dedicated Personnel: NTF-Delta-7 ("Northern Storm"), Finnfolk collective remnants, CTF-Delta-7 ("Spell Slingers"), MTF-Tau-5 ("Samsara"), MTF Omega-12 ("Achilles Heels").

Deployable Assets: SCP-4700 (1-4), SCP-████, Modified naval vessels: (2 Iowa class battleships, 13 destroyers, 5 cruisers, 15 support vessels), Finnfolk all terrain and aeronautic vehicles (See SCP-3706), 50 M-1 Abrahams tanks, 25 Leopard2a7v.3 tanks, equipped with Finnfolk weapons technology.

Command Personnel: 05-01 subordinates: Dr. Leep Andrews, Dr. Sherry Andrews, Queen Hege Aquailian.

Asset Locations: ███████ Construction Yards , ███████ drydocks, █████ ███████ aquatic depot, Scapa Flow Orkney. All Major SCP-001 sites.

Projected Incident Locations: Ring of Brogdar, Standing Stones of Stenness, Scapa Flow, Skarae Brae, Maeshowe, Loch of Stenness, Ring of Bookan, Bookan, Ustan Tomb, Barnhouse Stone.

Mission Directive: Repair SCP-001-01 complexes, and subdue breaching E-001 entities. Containment failure constitutes contingency activation, and deployment of all assets to subdue breaching entities.

Background: Operation High Tide is a joint effort between the Foundation and the Collective Remnants of the Finnfolk in response to developments involving SCP-001-01 over the course of 10 years. Pre-cursor plans for High Tide emerged with the gradual discovery of SCP-3703 instances, and delineation of the primary purpose of all SCP-001 sites based on historical, mythological, and archaeological evidence accumulated over the course of the past century. This lead to the excavation and classification of nine major sites of interest, one of which, SCP-001-01, is currently in a state of collapse.

Continuous excavation of Finnfolk artifacts, vehicles, and skeletal remains led Foundation officials to theorize of their existence and relation to SCP-001-01. These theories were confirmed during the discovery of SCP-4700, following the events of Incident I-3700-032.

The O5 council subsequently enacted an emergency meeting, from which a cooperative-proposal was set forward to the surviving Finnfolk based on severity of recent developments involving SCP-001-01 and the threat of a "domino" chain event. Acceptance of this proposal lead to joint command consultations between O5 representatives and surviving members of the Finnfolk leadership. These meetings produced the Primary contingency plan presented below, and additional plans presented in accompanying documentation files.

The following section of this document contains description of the current, active contingency, and brief overview of additional contigencies. Contingencies are listed based on decreasing probability of both Human and Finnfolk survival should the need to enact them arise.

Contingency A: Repair and restoration of SCP-001-01. Surviving Finnfolk engineers and thaumaturges have been deployed to aid Foundation research and containment personnel in restoring functionality and thaumaturgic stability the -01 complex, and perform repairs on SCP-001-02 through -09 as needed. Projected success rates are high.

Status: Ongoing, Active.

Primary target: SCP-001-01. Ancillary attempts on other complexes also underway.

Timetable estimate: Collapse estimated to occur in 22 years, 5 months if repairs not undertaken.

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