DrBleep's Secondary SCP Drafts

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Rite of Portension:

The following is a transcription found in the same Cairn in which the recorded journals above were recovered. It was labeled as the "Rite of Portension" and is known to have been carried out at SCP-001 sites.


[The Ritecaller shall blow upon the horn of grief three times.]

Rite Caller: "Blessed be the Mither's love, and may she sing evermore."

All: "Blessed."

Rite Caller: "May the Portensioners Approach."

[Elder Finnfolk seeking the Rite approach. The Rite Caller dips his fingers into ceremonial paints and adorns the face with four yellow circles.]

Rite Caller: "You have heard the Mither's call."

Portensioner: "I have, in all her glory, heard her final song."

Rite Caller: "The life you have lived has been virtuous. You have practiced the gift she has given?"

Portensioner: "With all my heart."

Rite Caller: "You have chosen, at the end of all things, to give your mind and body. To give yourself so that we might be free. So that the Mither might break the chains?"

Portensioner: "I give my soul to the sealing of Teran, and to strengthen the seals of the old ones who once ravaged the starry skies and the solid earth."

Rite Caller: "You understand this will end your life, and presence in this world."

[The Portensioner is allowed to refuse or accept. Refusal ends the ceremony.]

Rite Caller: "So the Mither wills you join those who have gone before. Go forth and display the passion and your love for her."

[Depending upon if a seal is already present, the Portensioner may be given a dagger.]

[The Portensioner enters the sealing chamber. If a seal is present they stop before the seal. If one is not present, several portensioners will be present, and they will stop in the center of the room. In both cases, they shall engage in an act of passion, either of pleasuring themselves, or their fellow portensioners.]

Rite Caller: "Blessed be the soul of you, who have lived a full and loving life. May you forever sleep at the Mither's side at the end of all things."

All: "Blessed be they!"

[The Portensioner, engaged in passion, steps into the mass of those before them. In their love, they become one, painlessly and without fear, strengthening the seal. Alternatively, the portensioner positions the dagger over the one(s) they are loving, and slowly press inwards, stabbing their partner(s) in the heart, and they, in turn, are stabbed. Together, in love, they shall fuse together, and then to the others, as they reenact the first passion. Together, their bodies shall form a seal.]

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