DrBleep's Secondary Tale Sandbox

A thunderbolt across the sky. Footsteps, metal clashing against metal, stars swimming across my vision. Blood. Blood on the ground. On my hands, on my armor. Ears ringing. What happened?

Clouds swirl in the skies over the young Finnfolk princess. Purples, reds, greens, and pinks, ominous and beleaguered. Muffled voices swim into her head, yells and cries, guttural screams and moans of agony resolve themselves in painful strokes, senses returning.

"Triemedes!" Familiar? "Triemedes up! Up now! You can nap on the field later. We have to go." A scaly webbed hand wrapped around one arm, a mud-woman's around the other.

"Suck on a clam Alva." the Finwife manages with a defiant groan, shaking the fog out of her head, "I'm not going anywhere as long as their is battle." A growl escapes her throat, the rage of battle rising in her throat once more.

Further conversation is stifled as the air grows quiet. Everything seems to stop as time stands still. Pressure builds against the three. Alva's lips move as if speaking, the other Finnfolk's lips curl back in a hiss, like a cornered animal, but no sound travels through the sudden vacuum. Triemede's head snaps to a pinprick of light at the center of the valley. Around it banners, glinting metal of thousands of armor soldiers, colossal moving trees, and giant men and arachnids made of clockwork obscure the floor.

The air moves. The ground ripples. Another pinprick of light. Men, Finnfolk, Daeva, are all suddenly, and violently tossed into the air like boats on a wave. The three of them remain steady.

Then the sky rips open twice.

Background: Operation High Tide is a joint effort between the Foundation, Collective Remnants of the Finnfolk, and major Atlantic naval powers, in response to developments involving SCP-001-01 over the course of 10 years. Pre-cursor plans for High Tide emerged with the gradual discovery of SCP-3703 instances, and delineation of the primary purpose of all SCP-001 sites based on historical, mythological, and archaeological evidence accumulated over the course of the past century. This lead to the excavation and classification of nine major sites of interest, one of which, SCP-001-01, is currently in a state of collapse.

Continuous excavation of Finnfolk artifacts, vehicles, and skeletal remains led Foundation officials to theorize of their existence and relation to SCP-001-01. These theories were confirmed during the discovery of SCP-4700, following the events of Incident I-3700-032.

O5-1 then called the O5 council into an emergency meeting, from which a cooperative-proposal was set forward to the surviving Finnfolk based on severity of recent developments involving their assigned 001 project and the threat of a "domino" chain event. Acceptance of this proposal lead to joint command consultations between O5 representatives and surviving members of the Finnfolk leadership. These meetings produced the Primary contingency plans presented below.

For further History of SCP-001 please see the SCP documentation file.

The following section of this document contains description of the current, active contingency, and brief overview of additional contigencies. Contingencies are listed based on decreasing probability of both Human and Finnfolk survival should the need to enact them arise.

Contingency A: Repair and restoration of SCP-001-01. Surviving Finnfolk engineers and thaumaturges have been deployed to aid Foundation research and containment personnel in restoring functionality and thaumaturgic stability the -01 complex, and perform repairs on SCP-001-02 through -09 as needed. Projected success rates are high.

Status: Ongoing, Active.

Primary target: SCP-001-01. Ancillary attempts on other complexes also underway.

Timetable estimate: Collapse estimated to occur in 22 years, 5 months if repairs not undertaken.

Contingency B: Attempt to neutralize/subdue EoI-001-02 via MTF-Tau-5 in what Foundation researchers now refer to as a "parallel plane" to prevent initial stages of an HK-class scenario.

Status: Standby.

Primary Target: EoI-001-02.

Timetable estimate: Emergence onto earth imminent if not neutralized.

Contingency C: Engage EoI-001-02 in full scale assault in the initial stages of the HK-class Deific Subjugation scenario with all available assets. WARNING: Viability and success of this scenario is estimated at 5%.

Status: Standby.

Primary target: EoI-001-02.

Timetable estimate: Imminent broken veil scenario. Multiple HK-Class deific subjugation events within 3-5 hours of EoI-001-02's arrival. Complete collapse of SCP-001.

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