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Item #: SCP-3709

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area with a radius of 55 km in the North Atlantic ocean is regularly patrolled by designated elements of NTF-Delta 7 ("Northern Storm"). Buoy's have been deployed and anchored to the ocean floor to designate the border of this zone, and have been equipped with sonar/radar detection to alert patrolling craft of approaching vessels. Vessels attempting to, or entering the area above SCP-3709 are to be redirected.

References to SCP-3709 in written Orcadian myth and historical documents have been altered to reflect the geography of the island of Eynhallow. All references of SCP-3709 sinking have been removed.

Description: SCP-3709 is an irregular sunken landmass, 100 meters in height, 50 km long, and 30 km wide. SCP-3709 suffered a major catastrophe at some point in its history, cleaving the landmass into two segments. Both portions are artificially shaped, with the first possessing an elongated crescent shape, curving 15 km to either side. The crescent is attached to an 8 km wide stretch of cylindrical land for 5 additional kilometers before a large jagged break occurs. The remaining 20 km of landmass drifted 2 km to the south and east, and has a maximum width of 6 km, before tapering into a fanned tail-like outcropping.

Exploratory expeditions of the sunken island have revealed signs of occupation, most notably, a distinctly large aggregation of urban buildings, built from Corundum, with ornate decorations, murals, pottery, and the remnants of cloth tapestries preserved through some unknown means.
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