Drugs, 𝕊 ∈ 𝘟, and Rock & Roll

Drugs, 𝕊 ∈ 𝘟, and Rock & Roll.

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SCP-4338. Image taken during EVENT DN-4338-33, 09/04/1974.

Object Class: Keter

Special containment procedures: All recovered materials relating to SCP-5001 must be relinquished to the Department of Temporal Affairs. Interaction with SCP-5001 must be kept to an absolute minimum, as to preserve timeline integrity.

SCP-5001-1 will remain in Foundation custody under standard cover story REHAB1. Once Mr. Bayville can successfully fail the the “Nieman-Hewet Test” he will be anesthetized and released.

SCP-5001-A remains uncontained, as their capture is technically impossible.

Description: SCP-5000 is an anomalous narcotic capable of inducing euphoria, disassociation, and limited clairvoyance.2 This substance was first discovered in the system of Mr. Frederick Henry Bayville, lead guitarist for the alternative rock band "The Opposition".

Fredrick, also known as "Fret", was arrested on June 15th, 2020 for the first-degree murder of his three band mates. Though later investigations would reveal the explosive was planted by a psychotic fan3, Mr. Bayville was still considered a prime suspect, due to security footage of him running away from the crime scene only 30 seconds before the explosion.

((Pos edit to differentiate the tone of interview 1 from 2 and 3. Make it between Fret and his Lawyer)).

((Also, make Fret less hippie like. Less 'man'. Let that be the fourth interview.))

((Edits: Make Mr. Lockmore more spaced out. Lean into the lost memory angle.))

Log skeleton: They enter. There's a suit breach. One of them is exposed to Oricalis. They're in lockdown.

[[collapsible show="Exploration Log - 5001-Alpha - 21/06/2020" hide="Exploration Log - 5001-Alpha - 21/06/2020"]]

Location: Arizona Desert, Coordinates [BLACKBAR] by [BLACKBAR]

Source: Video Recording

Task Force: MTF-Xi-5 "Newtons Bullies"

Video feed opens to a derelict missile silo surrounded by empty desert.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Command, Newtons Bullies are on site. Team, radio check.

Xi-5-2|Higashi: Xi-5-2, copy.

Xi-5-3|Volkov: Xi-5-3, copy.

Xi-5-4|Foster: Xi-5-4, copy.

DTA West: Theo West, Department of Temporal Anomalies. Copy, I suppose.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Xi-5 is online, Command… plus guest. Hume Meters and Sanford Clocks are synced to baseline. We're green to go.

Site-29|Coms: Copy. Captain Saksa, your primary mission is to escort Operator West through 5001-Alpha. You are in command, but West has the final word on any perceived or potential anomalies.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Command that's- that's nine tenths of our job. How am I supposed to-
Site-29|Coms: This whole operation is under DTA jurisdiction, Captain. Their dossier, their decision.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Command, forgive me, but Xi-5 has dealt with time fuckery before. Why don't we have a copy of that dossier?

DTA West: There's a reason our department is separate from the rest of the Foundation, Captain.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: […] Copy, command.
DTA West:


Xi-5-1|Saksa: Alright, you listen to me you pompous little shit-

DTA West: Oh yes, here we go. What, are you tired of my DTA bullshit? Are you going to throttle me if I mention paradoxes one more time? That you don't care about timeline integrity and-

Xi-5-1|Saksa: No! I'm trying to tell you that we get it. We're Xi-5! We deal with this kind of shit all the time!

DTA West: Not like this. This is DTA top tier clearance level infraction! It doesn't matter if we're staring it in the face, I can't just explain exactly what it is to you.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Then don't!

DTA West: I… What?

Xi-5-1|Saksa: We don't need to know exactly what it is, just vaguely what it is.

DTA West: […]

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Well!?

DTA West: […] We call it a "Bedlam". It's… a rip in time and space.

Xi-5-3|Volkov: That's not contrived at all.

DTA West: You said you wanted bare bones, this is it. The actual cause of a CDF- a "Bedlam" is far more complicated but- just think of it like a tear, okay?

The good news is a "Bedlam" is localized. It doesn't expand, and it doesn't affect anything it doesn't come into direct contact with. It can be contained.

The bad news is once something does come into contact with a Bedlam, it becomes- fuck, alright. Imagine all the worlds a stage, and we're merely actors.

Xi-5-1|Saksa: Get to the point, Shakespeare.

DTA West: When something interacts with a Bedlam, they become like… an unstable diva. They might play their part, or maybe they'll show up on set drunk, and improvise a bunch of their lines. The problem is, we only have one roll of film. We only get one shot. There's no "alternative timelines", this is it. When you break that script, you literally damage the timeline.

Meeting Minutes -

Agent Ibris: No.

DTA West: Agent-

Agent Ibris: Council members, pardon me for saying so, but this is batshit fucking bonkers.

DTA West: Agent Ibris-

Agent Ibris: Fuck the timeline! Fuck chronostatic integrity or- whatever the fuck this walking doorknob just rambled on about! We can't do this! You- you can't possibly be considering this!

O5-3: That's exactly what we're doing, Agent. This meeting is being held to consider how we'll deal with the timeline deviations caused by SCP-5001.

O5-7: The only reason you're here, agent, is to testify about your findings. Your- ehm, "opinions" on how we deal with this matter are not req-

Agent Ibris: Oh fuckin'- enough! I've been hearing the exact same thing from this one-

Agent Ibris gestures at DTA West

Agent Ibris: For nearly a month now! For this entire case, I've been dropped and picked up like a loose fucking penny and I'm sick of it! Now you're trying to tell me it's "not my business"? It's my god damn time line too! You can't-

DTA West: Kennedy, if you'd just let me-

Agent Ibris: Zeplin! Elton John! Fuckin' Michael Jackson! You're actually considering wiping out a third of our- our culture, our- god damn it, my parents fell in love over Bon Jovi! You do this, and I might not be born!

O5-4: Agent, this goes far beyond any one persons life. SCP-5001 has irreparably harmed the timeline. These artists should have never risen to prominence. History as we know it is a dangerous deviation from-

Agent Ibris:

Interview 3, Foundation and Markus Duville, an 80’s rockstar. Decided to stop taking the drug, despite all the success it brought him, because the dependence and foresight was a heavy burden, and he couldn’t handle it anymore. “It starts to wear on you, man, always knowing the path. It’s not like experiencing it first, then living it, y’know? It’s like just knowing what’s gonna happen. By the time it happens, it’s old news man. Imagine knowing what every fan letter is going to say before you read it, or how every note will sound before you play it? Life lost flavor. Nothing was important anymore; not the money, not the fame, not even the music. It’s a curse, man. It makes life grey, no matter what you do.

Then why give it to the kid?

Because I don’t regret taking it. I stopped, but I don’t regret those days. We were the best, man. Top of the fucking world. When I could still get a rush from that… it was worth it. And this kid, Fret? He had it, man. He had the spark. He really cared, you know? He was like we used to be, singing about changing the world and ending war… but no one was listening. The poor kid could barely book a bar-show. You know how many great bands are lost in this bullshit corporate modernity of ours? I gave him the drug because he deserved it. He deserved the best life.

Then on to my last question.

Where’d you get it?


Section 3: Reveal that the investigation traces back through many famous rockstars, artists, and actors throughout history. They eventually find the source.

Section 4: Describe the drug lab; liken it to the bomb shelter where they invented LSD. Show the experiments dealt with a fault; a tear in time and space.

Section 5: The temporal anomalies devision identify the tear as a “Bedlam” disortion; an anomly that creates branching timelines as it puntures reality. Sealing the original tear will nullify the drugs effects, and retroactively erase it’s changes from the timeline.

Section 6: A plea - a researcher argues with the O5 council. He says that doing this would destroy many fundamental pieces of modern art and culture. Unifying the timeline isn’t worth that sacrifice.

Section 7: The council votes, and rules not destroy the tear, and only hunt down SCP-5001-A, ensuring that the distribution of drugs stops. They aren’t willing to alter their own timestream, and change critical events.

Section 8: A note from the dealer.

“I know who you are. I know you’re following me, but you’ll never catch me. They say you shouldn’t get high on your own supply, but man, they weren’t talking about ‘Zeal’. I’ll always be ten steps ahead of you, and I won’t ever stop. 40 years ago I received a gift from the Great Creator herself. She gave me the power to change fate itself. That little black dot in the world.

The moment I touched it, I knew. I saw my whole life unfold in front of me. You were gonna’ come for me, you SCP assholes. You were going to take the gift away. Then, ten years later, three rich pricks were gonna’ raid your stupid lab, and take it! They took over the world, man, because you assholes didn’t do your job! They got so fucking rich and powerful off my drug that- no. No, I couldn’t let that happen. This miracle was meant to enrich our world; to give the universal gifts of art and music. This drug is meant for the dreamers, man, and we will seek them out until the day I die. So, you’ve got 12 years, 8 months, 13 days and… 16 minutes to catch me.

Spoiler: you won’t.”


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