GOI IntCon
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Lionel sat in the courtyard of Foundation of Music Aesthetic, sipping coffee from a glass teacup as he studied his book. Suddenly, he heard voices above him, which were quickly getting louder. He looked up from his book just in time to see his three classmates descend from the sky, landing in the soft grass before him. "You guys are back already?" he asked, closing his book.

Joseph collapsed to the ground, panting. "Yes… We… Need—"

"What he's trying to say is that we need the Headmaster," Carmen interrupted. "They sent an MTF for us. Some new one."

Lex helped Joseph up, letting him rest on her shoulder. "Luckily Joseph here got us out of there…"

Lionel nodded, "Of course, of course. He's here, just follow me," he turned and waved them over.

They walked throughout the noisy hallways of the school, twisting and turning until they came to a wooden door, which Lionel pulled open, shoving them inside. The door closed with a slam, and they could feel a piercing silence from across the room.

"Hello, Joseph," an empty voice spoke from behind a desk.

Joseph, now revitalized by a surge of anxiety, stuttered, "H-headmaster, I know what I did and—"

The Headmaster stood, walking around his desk, right in front of the three students. "You aren't supposed to use the song."

Ashamed, Joseph looked down, squeezing his eyes shut. Carmen took a step forward, putting a hand between them, "An MTF was attacking us. We had no choice. Would you rather have us dead?"

"No…" His hand rose to his chin as he thought for a moment. "An MTF, you say?"


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