Item #: Huhhh??

Ahem. Item #:? Huuuuhhhhhh?? I dunno what that means.

Item— oh, forget it. What's your name, sweetmeat? Oh! My name is Hannah Leanne Leeann Leighanne Preston.

Object Class: What's that mean?

Hmm. What kind of thing are you, sweetie? Oh. I'm a girl! I'm six years and a half a year old, and when I grow up, I'm going to be a manatee. My mama and daddy took me to a place in Fourida called Saint Augeen and they had manatees and we got to swim with them and I got to touch one and her name was Bella and she felt like a potato.

Special Cont— oh, let's go with something simple. Where are you right now, Hannah? Well, I'm not sure. I dunno. It sort of feels like I'm dreaming, actually. I don't think I'm awake right now. Everything doesn't feel real, really.

But if you mean "what does it all look like," we're at a tea party, silly! Everything's pink and pretty! But pink isn't really my favorite color anymore. I think I'm more into purple.

Hey! Now we're at a purple tea party! How did you do that?

It's magic, babyparts. You don't have to worry about it.

I love magic! My mama does magic at work.

Oh, that sounds neat, sugarflesh! Who's your mama?

My mama is Brianna Molina-Preston and she is a seen-yer containment speshulist at her work. She can't talk about it much because it's a seeecreeeet, and I understand secrets because I found a rock at daycare and I think it's really pretty and I named her Beatrice and I keep her in my room but my daddy doesn't like it when I bring rocks home from places because


sometimes I forget to take them out of the pockets of my dresses and they end up in the washer and one time a rock breaked the ajamatator. You know, the thing in the middle of the washer.

How did you get here, sweatbee? I have no idea, Mr. Minnie! I thought you would tell me while we were here! I was just playing at home while the lights were off, which I'm not supposed to be doing, but daddy never checks on me after he puts me in bed because he's in the spare bedroom having his Grown Up Juice, and I couldn't sleep because of all the rainbow lights in the sky. Do you know why the lights in the sky were all rainbows?

I do, babysnack. It's how we all came to life through magic. Oh, that sounds fun. Magic is a lot of fun! But once you get done with the magic-time, it gets to be time to go home and sleep. It's been a long night, Minnie. *yawn*. I think I'm getting sleepy. Is it time to go back yet?

Not quite, bitsybite. We have to do the tea party first. Okay, that makes sense.

I'm pouring the tea into your cup. Boy, the cup sure looks little in your big hand, Minnie! Okay, now I'm pouring the tea into my cup. Now, we take our cups, and we just tap them together —


and we cheers to something. What do you want to cheers to, Minnie?

How about your mama? She's watching this happen, right now!

Mama's watching? Mama! Hey Mama!

Oh, waving won't help. She's just reading what we're saying. Why not tell her what we're doing?

Mama, don't worry! I'm having a tea party with my new friend Minnie! He's big and tall, bigger than Daddy is, and his skin has all kinds of drawings on it, and he has a big baseball bat, like, a really big baseball bat, and it's wrapped up in shiny string but the I think the string is all frayed because it looks like it has little pointy things coming out of it. I'm having lots of fun, because Minnie's taken me to the dream land where anything is possible!

You wanna see a trick, Hannah, daughter of Brianna?

I love tricks! Tricks are my favorite! Oooh, that's really fast! You must be super strong!

Don't leave Mama out, babymeal. Tell her what I'm doing.

He's waving his big baseball bat around his head, really fast! Oh! Oh wow! He just swung his bat down super fast and then stopped it in midair really fast! Oh he did it again but now it's right next to my head! Hey, what are you do—oh! He put the teapot on top of my head!

Balance that real good, littlemunch. Your mama's gonna want to see this next trick.

Gosh, you sure can swing that fast, Minnie!


Item #? rip Adelita Molina, puto.

Object class? Human. Woman. Mother. Grandmother. slurp More than you could be, puto.

Special gulp containment procedures? I would pray for you, puto, if I thought the sickness in you could be touched by God. I am tied to a chair. What is left of me is tied to a chair. My soul is intact and will leave my body chomp when God wills it. I have given the beast nothing. Nothing of value.

DesburpDescription? This cretin has taken me to this place because my daughter is Brianna Molina-Preston. She works for some company she calls the Foundation. Something like a prison. She always rip talks about the monsters she works to keep away from the rest of us. She can't tell me much. I won't tell you anything. You've done all you can

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