Esoteric Class Essay

Creator: ???

First Use: SCP-XXXX

Definition: Item is uncontainable and actively causing the end of the world.

Description: Appolyon is used for objects that are currently unconfined and will inevitably lift the Veil. Usually, XK-Class or other apocalyptic scenarios are the most common usage, but if an object will inevitably reveal the anomalous to the world, or cause a noticeable anomalous effect across the globe, then it is Apollyon. Keep in mind that just because something /has/ revealed the anomalous to the world at large, that doesn't make it Apollyon. Only if it destined to generate a widespread, noticeable anomalous effect to humanity is it Apollyon. Many other anomalies, while they may lift the Veil, could have been prevented from doing so.

Alternate Object Class: Keter

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