The People Under the Stairs

Item #: SCP-%

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: N/A. The original file for SCP-% is currently slated for deletion for fabricated evidence.

Description: SCP-% is the paranoid sensation that one is being stalked by some form of unseen malicious entity up one or more flights of stairs in low-light conditions. SCP-% is common in children and teens and may persist until adulthood; it is more prevalent in western cultures — primarily being experienced in suburban settings.

Through neural-imaging and interviews with affected persons in recent years, it has been proven to be merely a combination of various fears such as teraphobia and climacophobia. Further, the sensation can be exacerbated by the consumption of horror media.


Though never regarded with any credibility throughout the Foundation's existence, SCP-%-EX was proposed as an avenue of research by Dr. Theodore Richardson. He posited the existence of a class of undetectable entities responsible for SCP-%-EX. Due to the prevalence of discussion on the topic of the sensation throughout various forums such as 4chan, reddit, and the parawatch wiki (with the latter being a semi-reliable source of undocumented phenomena); the decision was made to allow Dr. Richardson to begin investigating the phenomena.

The project ran for eight months and produced no conclusive evidence for any form of the aforementioned entities. The project was forcibly disbanded by the Site Director following several complaints from the participating D-Class subjects, who each voluntarily left the project due to stress caused by Dr. Richardson's devolving mental state.

Richardson was placed on paid leave and his documentation was put on hold for review, records indicate he had uploaded the SCP-%-EX file to the primary Foundation database remotely from his home that evening from a device outside the Foundation network — in clear violation of InfoSec protocols. Agent Julius Locke was dispatched to bring him in for questioning.



The bodycam activates as Agent Locke exits his vehicle. As he crosses the street, a squad car rounds the corner, lights activated, and stops in front of the house. Locke introduces himself with his federal credentials. The officer exits his vehicle and identifies himself as Oliver Hannity, and explains he is responding to a possible domestic dispute. The pair approach the stairs leading to the front door.

Crunching glass is heard. Looking down, a pair of spectacles can be seen underfoot before the bottommost step. Locke takes point. Hannity follows him up the stairs.

The curtains are drawn; and with the exception of a single room on the second floor, all the lights are out. Locke rings the doorbell, and Hannity loudly declares their presence. They receive no response. Upon knocking, it becomes apparent that the front door is slightly ajar, and the pair enter, drawing weapons.

Turning on his flashlight, Locke reveals a living room in mild disarray. The sofa is notably crooked, with the far end being forcibly shoved aside toward a door to the rear of the room, leading to the kitchen. A glass table that had presumably sat center of the room had been wholly upended and cast aside, shattered. The recliner sitting opposite the couch lay on its back near the front door. In addition, there appeared to have been an attempt to set the home ablaze. A blackened trail of burnt carpet-fiber streaked through the destruction — beginning at the front door and leading towards the stairway leading upstairs to the right of the room.

It is as Locke kneels to investigate this trail when a woman's sobbing can be heard from above.

The two cautiously approach the stairway. Hannity identifies himself again as a police officer, eliciting no response from the unknown woman. They ascend the first few stairs leading to the landing, stepping over the fractured, burnt remains of a laptop.


Original testing chamber.

It becomes apparent as they climb that the sobbing is emanating from the sole lit room in the home. The door is partly open, casting its light into the darkened hallway. Locke and Hannity advance at a crawl. The woman's cries grow louder as they approach. Locke extends a hand and carefully opens the door. It is the Richardsons' bedroom; it is largely undisturbed, unlike the damage witnessed downstairs. On the couple's bed lies a lump of blankets wrapped tightly around the weeping figure. She quivers and squirms as her body is wracked with sobs. Agent Locke attempts to calm her as he creeps nearer.

The sobs rapidly turn to frenzied shrieks at the sound of his voice. Her form can be seen to withdraw into a fetal position underneath the blankets as they attempt to tuck themselves in tighter. She screams to be left alone again and again, ignoring all attempts to sooth and placate her. Finally, Agent Locke crosses the room and reaches towards her figure. The moment he makes contact, there is a gunshot. The woman's cries cease. Blood rapidly seeps up through the blanket.


The following is a list of collected evidence from the residence:

  • One pair of reading glasses belonging to Dr. Richardson (crushed)
  • Four cubic centimeters of burnt carpet — no chemical markers could be found to indicate fuel type
  • One personal laptop (burnt and destroyed) — verified to have made the unauthorized file upload
  • One Smith & Wesson 357 revolver (unloaded)
  • The body of Mrs Adeline Richardson — cause of death being a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Toxicology report inconclusive.

Dr. Richardson was not found upon a more thorough sweep of the house by both law enforcement and Foundation officials. A manhunt is underway for the rouge individual.



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