Everyday Business

Water rushed past the boat and plunged into the deep blue as the ship's engine roared underneath. Laura grinned as she piloted the small ship across Oregon's ocean shores. She let loose a sigh of relief. Finally, she could be back out on the water, hell, she could've been drowning for all she cared. The sun beat down on the back of her neck making her regret not putting on sunblock as Tim had advised.

Before long a blip appeared on her screen, she was nearing Caddy. She glanced down to see the blob move away. She guided the boat towards the critter and rammed up the speed. The pings got louder, quicker as she drew closer and closer to the critter. She slowed down the ship and muted the radar as the blob approached the innermost bar of the radar. She walked out of the covered portion of the ship and walked up toward the bow.

Ahead of Laura, the water glittered from the scales of the herring. They huddled close to the bow ship waiting for the cat food to be dropped overboard. She shook her head and walked to the back of the ship where the fish had followed her to. She walked toward and then reached under a bench where a cooler full of cat feed laid. She pulled out a fistful of kibbles before letting them go into the water. After watching the little fish swim about and play she decided it was time to attempt to gather a couple herrings for the program back at home.

Quickly they shot up from the water nabbing whatever food they could. Back and forth they moved, shoving one another aside. She giggled watching with adoring eyes the wonderous beast. Though soon she had to tear herself away. She crouched down in front of a trap door within the boat rummaging about to find the small net at last her hands wrapped about it before her body rose and turned around.

Caddy still laid patiently awaiting their cat food though, none would come. Reaching overboard was Larua sticking the net into the water and waving it about. She hummed as she worked attempting to catch at least one of the clever critters though at this time that seemed impossible. Around and out of her net each and every time, and the one time that one was captured it lept right on out of the net! She attempted the maneuver several more times each time coming up empty. She shook her head and reached in with her hands and grabbed a small diamond scales herring.

She giggled a bit before putting it in the ships reservoir. She returned to her original standing point ready and determined to catch the next fish. Her joyous mood was soon killed when Caddy began to congealed into the serpentine figure. Laura glanced over to see it, a single fin, jutting up out of the water. Then twenty more. A feeding frenzy. Before Larua could even move forth Caddy lept over the ship taking Laura with her.

Under the water, she went, her mind went blank for a second thinking about what the hell had happened before her instincts kick in. Her hand reached out whiled her legs violently failed underneath. When her left leg shot into the sticky flesh of Caddy. The herrings within Caddy moved to make way for Laura's foot before inspecting it with careful movements. She shut her eyes out of shock before opening them, only to be greeted by the salty abyss, herrings, and a feeding frenzy of sharks.

Away Caddy moved, having seen the mass of sharks grow. Laura futilely struggled, attempting to remove her foot from Caddy's flesh. Her hope of freeing herself from Caddy and certain death began to fade.

She felt her body begin to rise towards the heavens.

She broke the surface of the water, gasping for air.

She turned her head to the left to see sharks swarm a small grouping of Caddy's school.

She saw the rest of Caddy move forth, into the depths.

And at that moment she knew.

She knew, her last seconds were upon her, she begged, to God, to Caddy, and to the dark depths below.


The darkness rushed towards her body and the sharp slap had jolted her head forward and contorted it into an awful position. The last sound to have left her body was that of her neck's bones being ripped out of place and the sickening smack as the head laid itself perpendicular to the rest of her body. Water rushed past the serpentine beast as it drug the corpse down into the neverending darkness that was the ocean.

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