Everything's Beautiful

"-And I swear to god, he pulls his hand out of the wall and it takes every hair on him."

Samantha Freeman, formerly D-Class I-2342, Laughed in disbelief. "Okay, even I know that's bullshit. How's that supposed to happen?"

Security officer Franklin Bennet shrugged. "No idea. It just considered his hair as an item he could take. Took him months to get back to normal. He actually managed to get the cost of this weird hair growth formula written off a business expense though, so that's something-"

"So, what'd we move onto now?" Tara Fredricks, Site-17's chief Memetic Scientist, walked towards them, clutching a bottle of wine. "Found it in Director Light's desk. Don't think she'll mind, though, she already left for the dasy."

"Talking about the weirdest thing we've ever seen working here," Smanatha explained, getting out the wineglasses from the hastily assembled picnic basket. "I told him about a weird test I had with 914 and a paperweight, he countered with a whole that gave someome a full body brazillian wax."

"Oh, I've definitely got you both beat," Tara bragged. "You guys ever hear of 2293?"

As Tara launched into a bizzare story about an online chatroom, Game of Thrones, and Stephen King, Franklin looked across the sunny June afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky, but there was enough of a slight breeze that made it just the right temperature for a picnic on the Site 17 lawn.

It really was the perfect day to end it on.

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