evil by dado

Multiple samples of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation-owned samples of SCP-XXXX are contained in a standard storage locker in Site-73. MTF Delta-12 ("UPPERCASE KEY") is currently attempting to locate the remaining SCP-XXXX samples.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a collection of an unknown number of yellow pills, forty-seven forty-three1 of which are currently in Foundation containment.

When ingested, subjects will become amoral in nature. Simply put, individuals under the effect of SCP-XXXX will lack any desire to act in a manner which they perceive as fundamentally good or moral in nature. This effect lasts until SCP-XXXX is completely digested and excreted from the subject's body.

Notably, individuals under the effects of both SCP-XXXX and anomalies with opposing effects will behave normally, as though influenced by neither anomaly.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered after MTF Delta-12 intercepted a phone call from a public booth to a known contact number of the Person of Interest known as "dado".


dado: Yes hello, this is dado of fine dado product. How can I be of helping you?

Unknown: Hey is this the medicine man? The pharmacist?

dado: Yes, dado is of very fine farm assist and entrepreneur. Better even than marsh pill cutter and darn.

Unknown: I need you to make something for me, something that you might not be okay with.

dado: No of worry, dado have Amazon Prime. I doing ship of Amazon while stay at home and very comfy with Robert.

Unknown: I don't mean like that. I mean morally uncomfortable.

dado: dado is not understand.

Unknown: I need something that can make people become evil.

dado: Oh! You want pill of make people into the weevil?

Unknown: No, I need a pill to make people evil.

dado: E-ville? Like make of village on the internets? I of not very good on computers, but can try.

Unknown: [Audible sigh.] Brilliant. As if I haven't seen enough of people like you already. Let me guess, uppercase key broke?

dado: Yes, very sorry. dado can be to hard of understanding sometimes.

Unknown: Okay, give me a sec. [Clears throat.]

[Brief silence.]

Unknown: Yes, hello. This is customer to dado, here to order the pills from you that can make people into be evil.

dado: Oh no! Uppercase key broke for you as- wait, you want pills to make people evil?

Unknown: yes.

dado: but why would dado want to make pills that make the people evil?

Unknown: you are businessman, yes?

dado: yes, dado is very fine businessman. better than even jeff bezos!

Unknown: well, to be success as businessman, dado sometimes have to make hard choice. like make the evil pills. but it is ok, because dado will learn to become even better at being fine businessman!

dado: ah, this is true. so dado make pills to make people evil, yes?

Unknown: yes, is correct. what do you take in return?

dado: dado does not need anything else. dado have amazon prime shipping, you see, so dado can do many things for customers without needing money.

Unknown: okay. [Clears throat.] Can you leave the pills at [LOCATION REDACTED] in two days?

dado: yes, dado will do so. thank you, fine customer.


Following this, agents from MTF Delta-12 staked out the established location. At the accorded time, a cardboard box was delivered by a truck from the [REDACTED] shipping company and deposited a single box. Agents immediately moved in to obtain the box, but found it already opened. Inside was a standard prescription bottle, with the words "pill of evil by dado" written on the side.

Addendum XXXX.1: Two weeks after SCP-XXXX's discovery, Site-73's director received messages from dado regarding SCP-XXXX. The following is their interaction:


dado have done something very bad and need scp help pls.

What? dado? How did you get this number?

pls dado done bad thing and need scp site person help pls

What is this about?

dado make pill that make people want to do the bad things but dado make it for bad person.

dado, is there anything you can tell us about this person?

very bad person.

Yes, I got that. Is there anything you can tell us about this person?

he leave note for dado. very bad plan.

Can you send me a picture of the note?

dado not good with camera, dado tell you what note said. that ok?

Fine, just say what you need to say.

he say 'heyo yes is foreman. foreman very thank for evil pills. foreman now go to destroy world soul. foreman will stop enemy from stopping him with evil pills, and thank dado for making pills'.

dado very sry for give foreman pills, foreman want to destroy world soul and is not good.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about him?

dado does not know anything else about bad person foreman and is very sry he should not have listened to foreman and do bad thing just to do business.

We'll see what we can do about it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

dado so sry, dado want people to trust him to do good things, dado wont do things for bad people anymore.


u still trust dado?



dado glad u can trust him, dado want to do good things, and wont do bad things for money no more.

Yes, thank you.


The individual known as "Foreman" is believed to be in possession of the remaining samples of SCP-XXXX, and investigation into him is currently a priority.

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