Exploratory Mission 354 Beta

Dr. Austin: Hey, Kyle. What files do you need today?

Dr. Lotker: I need access to the SCP-354 database.

Dr. Austin: No can do, man. Boss told me not to let you through.

Dr. Lotker: Come on, Steve. I think I might be onto something. I just need ten minutes, max.

Dr. Austin: Sorry, but no. Orders are orders, and I need this job.

Dr. Lotker: Please Steve, please! I might have a new lead. No one would know, you'd be fine.

Dr. Austin: For the last time, no. Go rest Kyle, you look like shit.

Dr. Lotker: Well then…I didn't want it to come to this…but you forced me.

Dr. Austin: What're you up to now, Kyle?

Dr. Lotker: (in a distinctly louder tone) Does your wife know about you and Dr. Odinson?

Dr. Ausin: Keep your voice down, will you? That's my business, not yours.

Dr. Lotker: (in the same loud tone) It would be a shame if she somehow found out…

Dr. Austin: Shut the fuck up! I get the fucking point!

Dr. Lotker: (Dr. Lotker leans in, and whispers to Dr. Austin) Ten minutes. That's all I ask for.

Dr. Austin: (reluctantly) …Fine. Ten minutes. That's it.

Dr. Lotker: You're the man, Steve!

Dr. Austin: Fuck you.

Dr. Lotker: Oh, and can I borrow your passcode? I don't want the director to know that I'm here.

Dr. Austin: (sighs) 39120. Now hurry up!


Please Input Credentials:

Welcome [Dr. Steven Austin].

Files Relating to [SCP-354]:

Description and Containment Procedures:

Exploration Logs:

Files relating to [SCP-354-6]:


Director Weaver: No. Absolutely not.

Dr. Lotker: All I'm asking for is three months. Maybe they have the solution.

Director Weaver: After what happened with Exploration Alpha? No, I will not.

Dr. Lotker: There are people on the other side. If we establish a connection, maybe they can help us. Why aren't we going after them?

Director Weaver: We lost our drill-sub the last time we went there. We have no way to even get down there. Not to mention that we are already low on manpower. Hell, why am I even explaining this to you?! You shouldn'tve looked at those files. You're going crazy, Kyle. Get some rest.

Dr. Lotker: With all due respect, no. I'm not leaving.

Director Weaver: God dammit, Kyle. Don't make me call the guards.

Dr. Lotker: Three months, Director. All I need is three months. I begging you.

Director Weaver: Guards!

(Two guards enter the room, and begin escorting Dr. Lotker out of the office.)

Dr. Lotker: It's still growing, Weaver! You know it!

(Director Weaver turns around, and dismisses the guards)

Director Weaver: Go on, then.

Dr. Lotker: We've seen it rising in its containment, hell, we've marked where it's grown. We've been experimenting for years, and we have nothing. But now we have a lead, an actual lead! And now I'm being told that I can't follow up the one thing that will solve our problem. So what am I supposed to do now?

(Both Lotker and Weaver are silent for a minute before continuing their conversation)

Director Weaver: How many personnel would you need?

Dr. Lotker: Only three others: two guards and a biologist.

Director Weaver: …Three months?

Dr. Lotker: Three months. That's all.

Director Weaver: …Fuck! Alright. You start in two months. We'll have rations for the exploration, and the drill-sub will be built by then. Your team will be assembled by tomorrow. Make sure they know what they're getting into.

Dr. Lotker: Thank you, Director. Thank you so mu—

Director Weaver: I wasn't finished. If anything, and I mean ANYTHING, goes wrong, you're on your own. I'm not sending anyone else to find you. Don't make me regret this, Kyle.

Dr. Lotker: I won't, Director. You will not be disappointed.

Director Weaver: Let's hope not. Get out of my office.

Exploratory Mission 354 Beta Transcript

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