Exploratory Mission 354 Beta Transcript

The following is a transcript of Exploration Mission 354 Beta

Personnel Involved: Dr. Kyle Lotker, Dr. Ivan Vasilyevich, and two agents from MTF Epsilon-6: E6-1 and E6-2.

Foreword: The members of EM-354-B have breached through the other side of SCP-354. Dr. Lotker has brought a camera to record the mission.

Day 4

Dr. Lotker: And…we are good. Camera's recording.

Dr. Vasilyevich: Who would've thought that the sun would be red. Kind of eerie, if you ask me.

Dr. Lotker: Luckily, we won't be here long. Has the raft inflated yet?

E6-1: Couple more minutes, it's almost done.

(After a couple of minutes, the raft is inflated, and EM-354-B paddles across SCP-354)

Dr. Lotker: Any sign of the first exploration team?

E6-2: It's just red, doc. No sign.

(All members are silent for a minute)

Dr. Lotker: Interesting…

E6-1: What did you find, doc?

Dr. Lotker: This "blood" is much more viscus than normal blood. Kind of feels like we're paddling through a bunch of maple syrup.

Dr. Vasilyevich: I see land, about two clicks away.

Dr. Lotker: We're making good time. Who grabbed the rations?

E6-2: I got them, don't worry.

Dr. Lotker: We're paddling across a pond of blood, in a world that is not our own, with creatures that want to kill us, and probably will. If I'm not worrying, I wouldn't be doing my job.

(Another silence. EM-354-B has reached land)

Dr. Vasilyevich: This place seems like a good place to set up a camp. We need the rest, Kyle.

Dr. Lotker: Agreed. Come on, let's set up. Get as much sleep as you can, you'll need it.

Day 5

Dr. Vasilyevich: So, we're looking for a…fifty foot iron wall?

Dr. Lotker: Yep. You'll know it when you see it.

Dr. Vasilyevich: Well, shouldn't we wait until day? It's still pretty dark.

Dr. Lotker: We're running on a very tight schedule, we can't waste any time.

Dr. Vasilyevich: Our flashlights have limited battery, we can't use them for much lo—

(A sudden roar is heard, not dissimilar from the roar heard from EM-354-A)

E6-1: What the fuck was that?!

E6-2: Sounded big, really big.

Dr. Lotker: It came from my right. Somewhere over—

(Another roar, this time from the left)

Dr. Vasilyevich: It just moved. Got any sight on it?

E6-1: Negative. 2, cover my back. We need to—

(Another roar, closer this time)

E6-2: Shit shit shit shit shit! Where is that thing?!

Dr. Lotker: Can you shoot a couple warning shots? Maybe it'll run off.

E6-1: We're already on a short supply, I'm not wasting ammo on warning—

(A louder roar. The creature's proximity is within 20 feet)

Dr. Vasilyevich: Fuck! We're dead, we're fucking dead!

E6-1: Remain calm! Keep control of yourself.

E6-2: It's right next to me! I can see—

(Before the creature can attack E6-2, Dr. Lotker pulls out a 9mm pistol and fires three shots into the air. There is a squeal, and the sound of something running away.)

Dr. Vasilyevich: (cowering) Is it gone?

E6-1: Affirmative. No sign of hostiles.

Dr. Lotker: Good. Let's keep moving.

E6-2: We almost just died, doc. We need to wait for daylight.

E6-1: 2 is right. We can't see shit. When the sun rises, we keep moving.

Dr. Lotker: I just fired three gunshots into the air. We scared away that creature, but there's probably more. We're like sitting ducks. We need to keep moving.

(A moment of silence)

Dr. Vasilyevich: Kyle's right. We need to keep moving.

E6-1: …Fuck it. Alright, let's move.

Dr. Lotker: Thank you. Now, 2, grab the—

E6-1: One more thing. The next time we go on a mission, you tell me when you bring your gun. Got it?

Dr. Lotker: …Understood.

<data corrupt>

Day 12

(The video shows what appears to be a large, metal wall, resembling a hill)

Dr. Lotker: This must be it.

E6-1: About damn time.

Dr. Lotker: Ivan, do you have the blowtorch?

Dr. Vasilyevich: Yes.

Dr. Lotker: Good. 2, I want you to cut a hole for us to get though.

E6-2: This wall's gotta be seven feet thick!

Dr. Lotker: It's layered. Won't take more than an hour.

E6-2: (sighs) On it, doc.

(Dr. Lotker, Dr. Vasilyevich, and E6-1 set up camp, while E6-2 cuts through the wall)

Dr. Vasilyevich: Hey, Kyle. Can we talk?

Dr. Lotker: Yeah, sure. What's up?

Dr. Vasilyevich: I, uh…I'm not feeling too well. Been dizzy for a few days, and everything seems fuzzy.

Dr. Lotker: I'm sure you're fine. You're probably still shocked from that monster attack. You'll be fine.

Dr. Vasilyevich: There's something else, Kyle. A couple days ago, I pricked my finger on a blade of grass. Didn't think too much of it at the time, but now…Well just look.

(Dr. Vasilyevich removes his glove, revealing his left hand. The hand's veins looks much darker than usual, and it appears to spread up to Dr. Vasilyevich's elbow.)

Dr. Lotker: Fuck, Ivan. You should've told us. The hell were you thinking?

Dr. Vasilyevich: I'm sorry, Kyle. I didn't think it would get this bad. What do I do? I don't wanna die, it's too soon!

Dr. Lotker: Calm down, will you? Just take some antibiotics. Take it easy from now on, don't do anything strenuous.

Dr. Vasilyevich: Kyle, am I gonna be alright?

Dr. Lotker: …Just rest. We'll get you home in no time.

E6-2: We're through guys!

Dr. Lotker: Good work. Let's move.

(EM-354-B make their way through the iron wall. On the other side, a field of bright green grass.)

E6-1: You know, if we weren't inside of a blood pool's personal hell, I'd actually enjoy this moment.

Dr. Lotker: Sure is beautiful, isn't it?

Dr. Vasilyevich: Well, we made it. Now what?

Dr. Lotker: We keep going.

<data corrupt>

Day 17

(Video reveals that Dr. Vasilyevich's condition has worsened, with the darker veins now covering half of his face.)

E6-2: It's been three days. There's nothing here, doc.

Dr. Lotker: There has to be something here. That note said that there was some kind of community.

E6-2: So what? We have no reason to be here. There hasn't been a single creature emergence for two years. Yet we're here looking for some "community" that you think we'll find based on a fucking note!

E6-1: Dr. Lotker, what 2 is trying to say is that we have no clue why we're doing another unnecessary exploration. The records show that the pool isn't active. Why are we here?

E6-2: We've been traveling for 17 days. Hell, the sun hasn't set for a full day! We're driving ourselves crazy trying to find these people, and now we learn you're basing this off of a hunch!

Dr. Lotker: It's still rising…

E6-2: What?

Dr. Lotker: (deep breath) The pool is still rising. We've tried everything to reduce the size of it, but we have nothing. The pool is growing, and soon enough, we won't be able to contain it. This is the only lead we have for something that can finally put an end to it. This is our last chance.

(Everyone is silent for a minute)

E6-1: Then we best keep moving, shouldn't we?

E6-2: Yeah…we should.

(All members continue crossing the grassy plains, with Dr. Vasilyevich slowly falling behind)

Day 18

(All members of EM-354-B are setting up camp for nightfall. Dr. Vasilyevich begins convulsing on the ground.)

Dr. Lotker: Hey, Ivan! You alright, man?

(Dr. Vasilyevich continues to convulse)

E6-1: Grab the tranquilizer, quick!

(E6-2 passes the tranquilizer to E6-1. E6-1 inserts the needle into Dr. Vasilyevich's leg. Dr. Vasilyevich convulsing ceases)

E6-1: (checks for pulse) Shit…

Dr. Lotker: No no no, he can't be dead!

E6-2: He's had one foot in the grave for a while, doc. This was inevitably going to happen.

E6-1: Hopefully he's in a better—

(Before E6-1 can finish his sentence, Dr. Vasilyevich awakens and attacks E6-1)

E6-1: Hey, stop! It's me, stop—Ow! Stop punching me!

Dr. Lotker: Ivan, it's 1! He's with us! He's our friend!

(Dr. Vasilyevich continues to attack E6-1 with unrelenting force. Dr. Lotker attempts to assist E6-1)

Dr. Lotker: Cut it out, Ivan! Get off of him! What the hell has—

(A gunshot is heard, and Dr. Vasilyevich falls to the ground. E6-2 lowers his weapon)

Dr. Lotker: Are you out of your mind?!

E6-2: He was gonna—

Dr. Lotker: He was our only chance at finding out how the enzyme works, and you just put a bullet in him, motherf—

E6-1: Dr. Lotker. I know you and Ivan were close, and I'm sorry. But you saw him, trudging around like he was already half dead. That thing that 2 just shot, that wasn't Ivan.

(Dr. Lotker walks to Ivan's body, and sighs. E6-1 walks next to Dr. Lotker and puts his hand on his shoulder.)

E6-1: We'll bury him at sunrise. No one should have to see him like this.

(The remaining members of EM-354-B wait until the sun has risen. They bury Dr. Vasilyevich in the middle of the field, say their prayers, and continue to move)

<data corrupt>

Day 26

(Video reveals that the members of EM-354-B are on top of what seems to be a hill. In the distance, there is a large, manmade structure)

E6-2: You see that too, right?

Dr. Lotker: Yes! I knew it!

E6-1: Well I'll be damned, doc. Not too bad of a hunch, was it?

Dr. Lotker: Pass me the binoculars…There's people!

E6-1: Holy shit. What kind of people?

Dr. Lotker: They look like…guards, I think. They have guns.

E6-2: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go already!

E6-1: Hold on. If they've got guns, they'll be on the defense. We don't want to risk being shot.

Dr. Lotker: 1 is right. We must tread carefully. When we're near the walls, put your hands up, like you're surrendering. We want to make sure that they know we are not hostile.

(The members of EM-354-B make their way to the manmade structure. They are stopped roughly twenty feet from the gate. A voice from above can be heard)

Unknown: (distantly) Don't take another step!

Dr. Lotker: (thinking) Colonel Patterson sent us.

Unknown: Bullshit. T-squadron's been missing for 1600 sols. I will ask you again: why are you here?

Dr. Lotker: We have a note from Patterson. (Dr. Lotker raises the piece of paper in the air, and is almost shot) Watch it! It's just paper.

Unknown: (contemplating) Any of you crossed?

Dr. Lotker: (looks around) No…no we're fine.

Unknown: …Alright. I'm gonna let you in.

(The unknown guard steps down from his post. A minute passes before the gate begins to open. The guard moves towards Dr. Lotker)

Dr. Lotker: Thank you very much.

Unknown: You don't look familiar. You guys sure you're from T-squadron?

Dr. Lotker: We're couriers. Patterson wanted us to deliver this message…Hoskins found out the solution.

Unknown: Well, I'll be damned. Those geeks finally solved it. (laughs) I'll take you to the high office. Wilkins will want to see you.

Dr. Lotker: Thank you very much. Hey, I never caught your name.

Ltd. Danson: Lieutenant Danson, sir. And you?

Dr. Lotker: Dr. Kyle Lotker. Pleased to meet you.

(EM-354-B are then escorted by Ltd. Danson across a large congregation of people, no less than 5,000 individuals)

Dr. Lotker: I forgot how crowded this place was. Any updates?

Ltd. Danson: The Community's doing very well, actually. Only a few creature attacks since Operation Exsanguination went into place. Plenty of CO2 and rations to keep us alive. Sector K is still contaminated, though. Lost five squadron's trying to evacuate it.

Dr. Lotker: My apologies…

(EM-354-B make their way up a large staircase, and into a large, multistory building, resembling an apartment complex. The members make their way to floor 27, and see a man sitting at his desk)

Ltd. Danson: (whispers) I'll do the talking. Hello, Director. Sorry to drop in unannounced.

Director Wilkins: Apology accepted. Who are these people?

Ltd. Danson: They claim to be couriers for T-squadron. Dr. Lotker, over here, has a message from Colonel Patterson. (Ltd. Danson passes the note to Director Wilkins)

Director Wilkins: (reading the note) Lieutenant, (gesturing to E6-1 and E6-2) please escort those two out of my office. I wish to speak to Dr. Lotker alone.

Ltd. Danson: (confused) …Yes, Director.

(E6-1, E6-2, and Ltd. Danson have left the room)

Dr. Lotker: My apologies, Director, but why—

Director Wilkins: Don't play with me, boy. You and I both know that you aren't part of the Community. So why don't you tell me who you really are before I throw you off of the building?

Dr. Lotker: (nervously) Alright then. Well, my name is actually Dr. Lotker, but you're right. My team and I are not from this…place. We came here from the other side of the pool. We were tasked with locating the team members of T-squadron.

Director Wilkins: And how exactly did your team know about T-squadron?

Dr. Lotker: About two years ago we—

Director Wilkins: Years?

Dr. Lotker: About…1600 sols ago, a creature emerged from the pool. He appeared to be a human male of Indian descent. We found the note on him. The Foundation figured that if we could find you guys, we could find a way to stop the pool from growing uncontrollably.

Director Wilkins: (grabs liquor bottle) The Foundation…you know, not too long ago, another group of people claimed that they were from a place called the Foundation.

Dr. Lotker: Must have been the first exploration team. What happened to them?

Director Wilkins: They…disappeared after a couple of sols. Haven't seen them since.

Dr. Lotker:

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