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Item #: SCP-8003-J

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Macguffin has been restored to it's pre-detoination state through macro-3D printing technology, developed through study of SCP-||||, SCP-|||, and SCP-||||||||||. The entire population, save one, have been successfully cloned and replaced, as they were all cataloged under operation SCP-US-PENNY, dispersing Foundation DNA-sampling currency into the US economy.

Thus far, the rest of the United states have not noticed that no one in Macguffin possesses a belly button, but mass-amnestisization programs are prepared for such an event. A misinformation campaign have successfully convinced world media that the explosion was just a “Minor American Military Mishap."

Description:SCP-8003-J is the former town of Macguffin, Wisconsin. Macguffin was wiped off the map by a large-scale explosion in late 2007. Cloud and internet-uploaded data from the pre-detonated MacGuffin has revealed the explosions source: Daniel Sanders, age 38. In light of these events, the Foundation has chosen not to clone and replace Mr. Sanders.


Reader: Hey, Rutherford, you ended another article with everything exploding you lazy idiot.

TRutherford: Yeah well maybe I 'aughta explode on your face!

Reader: What?

TRutherford: What?

October 26th, 2019, awkward conversation had between the author and yourself. Probably.

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