Extra Medium
Item #: 4778
Clearance Level 5: Top Secret
Containment Class: Keter
Disruption Class: 5/Amida
Risk Class: 5/Critical

Special Containment Procedures: All containment personnel for SCP-4778 must be inoculated against its cognitohazardous properties.1 In order to prevent other personnel accessing this document, SCP-4778 has been applied to it.

Any SCP-4778-1 instances or objects capable of applying SCP-4778 are to be incinerated. The ashes of the objects are to be encased within concrete and buried at an unspecified location.

All individuals who acquire unauthorised knowledge of SCP-4778 are to be detained and amnesticised instantly if the option is available. If amnestics are not available, the individual is to be terminated.

Surveillance of any stores involving different sizes of any objects should take place. If any accidental instances of SCP-4778 are discovered, all patrons of the store are to be amnesticised. The store is to be quarantined until no instances of SCP-4778 or SCP-4778-1 have been present in the location for fifty days.

Any mechanisms or facilities producing labels which are capable of applying SCP-4778 to an object should destroyed. Any computer programs with errors allowing SCP-4778 instances to exist are to be deleted. All humans exposed to any of these devices are to be amnesticised within 24 hours. If this is not possible, termination of the affected individuals must be carried out.

Description: SCP-4778 is a cognitohazardous phrase, believed to have been created by an incorrectly programmed clothing label printing machine. Due to its extremely hazardous nature, the exact phrase is not contained in any textual documents.

SCP-4778's anomalous effect manifests when SCP-4778 is applied to a physical object (hereafter designated SCP-4778-1), whether through labelling, verbal/textual description, or a conscious thought. All sapient beings will believe the object is and has always been a medium-size pale grey buttoned shirt. The shirt is described as being entirely non-anomalous. It has a single label at its neck, which non-inoculated individuals will describe as being similar in appearance to a Traditional Chinese character. However, when asked to transcribe the character, they will write a character unlike any which are used in the language.

If the SCP-4778-1 instance creates noise, it will be ignored by any sapient beings who have not been inoculated against the cognitohazard. If the instance is mobile, all movement will not be noticed until the being looks away from the anomaly, at which point the SCP-4778-1 instance will reappear in the position which it has moved to.2 The being which is observing the instance is unaffected by the teleportation, believing the object had been in its new position previously. However, if a sapient being has SCP-4778 applied to it, it will believe that it is a shirt and will enter a comatose state.

In the event that an SCP-4778-1 instance causes the expiration of a human, all sapient beings which observed the event will believe that the human expired from a sudden brain aneurysm.

Addendum 4778-1: Test Log
In order to discover more about SCP-4778 and exactly how its effect is manifested, a series of tests was carried out. All observations were performed by members of personnel who had been inoculated against the effects of SCP-4778.

Test 1
Subjects: A male member of D-Class personnel, one instance of SCP-4778-1 (previously a sheet of printer paper)
Procedure: The member of D-Class personnel was instructed to wear the SCP-4778-1 instance.
Results: The sheet of paper was placed on the front of the D-Class’ chest. It fell on to the floor of the containment chamber. The D-Class insisted that he was wearing the instance until he blinked. At this point, he refused to accept the possibility that he was ever wearing the SCP-4778-1 instance.

Test 2
Subject: A female member of D-Class personnel, one instance of SCP-4778-1 (previously a strand of thread affixed with razor blades).
Procedure: The member of D-Class personnel entered the containment chamber. They were instructed to wear the SCP-4778-1 instance.
Results: The member of D-Class personnel picked up the SCP-4778-1 instance and draped it around her shoulders, severely lacerating her hands, neck and shoulders. She was entirely unaware of the injuries.

Test 3
Subject: A female member of D-Class personnel, one instance of SCP-4778-1 (previously an adult polar bear).
Procedure: The member of D-Class personnel entered the containment chamber. The SCP-4778-1 instance had previously been sedated and was in the chamber, having regained consciousness.
Results: The SCP-4778-1 instance promptly attacked the D-Class. The injuries sustained by the member of personnel were fatal. She remained unaware of the injuries up to her death.

Test 4
Subject: A male member of D-Class personnel, who had previously been an amateur bodybuilder, and one instance of SCP-4778-1 (previously a member of D-Class personnel with severe vitamin D deficiency).
Procedure: The member of D-Class personnel was instructed to wear the SCP-4778-1 instance.
Results: The D-Class used his hands to tear apart the sphincter of the SCP-4778-1 instance, before forcing his head and upper body into the anus. After entering the anus, he moved upwards through the abdomen, removing the majority of the SCP-4778-1 instance’s intestines. He then proceeded to separate the bones of the ribcage from each other, allowing his body to fit inside of the SCP-4778-1 instance. Despite this, the soft tissue of the instance’s upper torso was torn in several places. After moving through the torso, the D-Class dislocated the lower jaw of the SCP-4778-1 instance, forcing his head through the neck and mouth of it. Finally, his arms emerged from the armpits of the SCP-4778-1 instance, pushing out the instance’s heart and lungs in the process. The SCP-4778-1 instance expired from its injuries. > Notes: Three hours after the test, the member of D-Class personnel complained about shortness of breath. Medical analysis revealed substantial amounts of foreign blood, urine, faecal matter and stomach acid within his lungs and digestive system. Testing has been suspended due to ethical concerns.

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