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Your name is Michele Welsh, you're 28-years-old and have been recently assigned to a newly formulated project in order to find the true nature of an anomaly that you find quite mundane. In fact, you find it quite strange that anything other than just locking the object in a box and forgetting it would be a huge waste of resources.

SCP-5039 they call it, and your on your way to the para-media archival center to retrieve information on it as an experiment is scheduled and lucky for you, you're the only one with a memetic resistance high enough to view it and not go into a raging fit of Psychosis.

At this point you've finished walking down the bleach-color corridor of Provisional Site-76 and have finally reached your destination. The large metal doors seem quite uninviting but you persist and swipe your keycard releasing the unrelenting locks of the door from their eternal tension.

Stepping through your unimpressed by the generic office-like setting with the strong scent of mold, dirt and water damage assault your olfactory glands in an instant.

Despite this, your main point of attention is that you're completely alone. Nothing but you and the persistent buzzing noise with its origin unknown to you.

You have this peculiar sense of familiarity though and importance none the less. But you just attribute it to the loneliness in this massive database. Making your way to the partially molded desk you see a file waiting for you. "SCP-5039," It says in bolded text. You hesitate for a moment for reasons unknown before taking a seat and opening the file.

Item #: SCP-5039

Object Class: Euclid


A still taken from SCP-5039 found in the same location as the VHS tape in which it was discovered. How the still was initially created is currently unknown.

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of media displaying either scenes of SCP-5039 or the video entirely are to be confiscated from the owner and destroyed. Should an individual person view SCP-5039, they are to be quarantined for no less than one month. The person in question should be constantly monitored for symptoms related to visual memetic hazards.

In cases where a person is confirmed to be negatively affected by SCP-5039, they are to be terminated in a humane manner in accordance with means deemed this way by the Ethics Committee. Though deviations from this protocol are permissible to the current acting head researcher on the SCP-5039 Project for research purposes only.

In relation to SCP-5039 itself, a standard MP4 file of the anomaly is to be stored in a secure SCiPNET database only accessible by personnel possessing a security clearance of Level-3 or higher. Personnel are forbidden from directly viewing SCP-5039 in exception to those possessing a memetic resistance at or exceeding 5.5.

Possible revision to these procedures in light of new information is currently being reviewed between the SCP-5039 research team and the Classifications Committee.

Description: SCP-5039 is a video file transmittable between all forms of media capable of displaying MP4. The video contains numerous memetic properties related to memory and will commonly cause auditory hallucinations of music.

Information obtained during the viewings of SCP-5039 has concluded the contents of the video is a video journal created by an unknown female individual of high school age (SCP-5039-1). This consists of events commonly attributed as typical to events in high schools throughout the mid-western United States such as conflicts between groups, rumors, and other related events. Other topics include the individuals' daily routines, outings with peers and other social gatherings.

The length of the video itself is unknown, as present events will change with completely new topics and events forming while those previously prominent in the tape being absent entirely. The only known portion of the video proven to be consistent is the beginning and conclusion of SCP-5039 always starting in a recreational room of a building resembling that of a public school while the ending always results in—

"Wait, that's it?"

You turn the file over hoping to see the document entirely but there's nothing. You don't even actually know what the object does or why you of all people were sent to this dingy site in the middle of Indiana.

Thinking to yourself you assume that it may have just been a misprint, a slip-up, a mistake. Standing up you produce your Foundation issued cell phone and attempt to call the head researcher of the SCP.

"Hmm, no signal."

You find yourself confused as this has never happened before. Your phone was always in working order and you've never seen an incomplete document especially one that had caught the interest of a few of the higher-ups.

Turning to leave as you have no other choice but something catches your eye a small VHS tape placed carelessly on a desk with an archaic computer terminal atop of it.

You try to ignore it and continue your leave but every thought you attempt to conjure keeps leading back to that seemingly old and worthless tape.

Finally you give in, cautiously stepping towards the metal desk as you have this fear of something intangible and unknown.

Picking up the decrepit tape you read the label. "JUST ME, SENIOR MEMORIES OF SHIRLEY HIGH SCHOOL 1976" written in all capitals, seemingly in a hurry.

You have a strange compulsion to watch the tape but NO. What if this is SCP-5039 and this is a test or some form of discipline for your misacting. But wait, the article said that all of the copies were destroyed and the one that remains is a digital file.

Your decision is finalized as the possibility of this being the file for SCP-5039 comes to light. Maybe its just a security measure so others think the way you are—confused and uncertain.

Its done, you're going to play the tape and hope for the best. You rush over to the storage closet retrieving a VHS player and an adapter to use on the terminal monitor.

After fumbling around for a few minutes you finally have everything in working order and slide the tape into the machine.

The video opens with static but after a few seconds slowly begins to fade in and shows a cafeteria full of students and few teachers alike.

"There, now it should work." can be heard in a female voice coming from off-screen.

The camera pans around showing a young female 15-17 years old with dark blond hair and green eyes.

"Hello world, or well in better terms, hi viewer I'm [DATA CORRUPTED] and I'm currently a senior at Shirley High School in Colton, Indiana. Ms. Clarkson recommended that I make a video journal to document all of the memories of senior year for when I'm older and want to look back. Well, this is just a test for now and 8th period is about to start so bye everyone."

The camera then appears to be set on pause resuming some time later in an outdoor setting.

"Hey Tammy, do you think the test on the Han Dynasty is gonna be hard or easy like the one on the correlations between music and human sacrifice?"

"[DATA CORRUPTED] what? We never had a test anything like that what are you talking about?"

"Oh yea that's right."

"[DATA CORRUPTED] is everything alright today you've been acting screwy?"

"I'm fine I'm just a bit stressed out that's all."

"O—oh, ok."

The two individuals continue walking silently down the patch and several houses become visible in the distance.

The two diverge with the one identified as Tammy turning right and entering the small house located in the previously stated position, while the one holding the camera enters the two-story house on the left.

"Damn it!" You know that's SCP-5039 but you can't move everything your arms, legs and even your eyes are completely still and fixated on the screen you pray that someone, something will come through the metal doors and save you from the memetic clamp that's sprung upon you.

The camera goes quiet once again before cutting to what can only be assumed to be several days later. The camera-woman sitting at a table facing away from her in a first-person view. A bowl containing an unidentified cereal and milk is visible and 3 other individuals are visible. The one holding the camera begins to speak.

"Dad so I had a nightmare last night and I was wondering if I could talk to you about."

"Sure KW, what was it?"

"I was walking through a place that looked like the food store downtown but things were wrong. See you were all there but without faces and when I tried to go to you guys I saw 9 girls I guess? Well, that's what they looked like. Before getting stabbed with music notes from some hole."

"Hmm KW just remember all that's not real and neither is sleep."


The adult male figure stares blankly before cutting out with a loud hiss.

The scene comes to with the camera-woman and three others at a social gathering akin to a party. Three including the one holding the camera are sitting on a somewhat dilapidated deck while the others are visible playing in a pool which constantly shifts from being clean to having a black sludge with snails arranged in a fashion to form whole notes.

"[DATA CORRUPTED] don't worry I'm sure you can convince them to stay here with us in here so you don't grow-up go away."

"Innocence, I'm not sure, they're really persistent about moving on. Like what's the point of 76?

Trust joins in.

Well at age 75 everything died even innocence and me. Maybe it's just the symphony trying to get back what was lost."

[DATA CORRUPTED] chimes in one last time.

Well when you put it that way I guess it just one big cycle into syncope. Thank you two for coming back one last time.

The two speak.

Don't mention it.

The individual holding the camera beings to spasm before presumed to vanish with the camera falling to the ground facing Innocence and Trust.

At once.//

I can't wait to see Michel again soon.

[Video Ends]

Back in the archival center of Provisional Site-76 Kellie Welsh now able to stand does so and he she slowly makes her way out of the site to resume her work with what she thought were her friends.


As initially theorized, upon further review it has been discovered that the previously viewed document was the result of data corruption from an unknown source. A revised document has been made available Here.

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