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Item #: SCP-4575

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4575 is currently contained within Site-551 in a standard Human Containment Cell fitted with standard amenities for human anomalies. SCP-4575's health is to be closely monitored. More information about SCP-4575's health can be found within Document 5643.B.

By suggestion of the Ethics Committee, SCP-4575's containment cell is to be flooded with pure nitrogen gas the day before SCP-4575's 75th birthday1 if it is still alive.

Description: SCP-4575 is a Korean-Irish male, aged 24 at the time of writing. SCP-4575 is physically non-anomalous, and does not have an apparent history of interacting with other anomalies. However, SCP-4575 itself is both a temporal and cognitohazardous anomaly. SCP-4575 responds to the name "Elrond Banfield."

All anomalies under Foundation control capable of correctly predicting the future have predicted that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74. While the cause of death is unknown, it is certain that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74. Additionally, anomalies capable of manipulating the timeline cannot manipulate the fact that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74. All attempts at changing SCP-4575's future have been met with failure.

Additionally, if a subject visually observes SCP-4575 without standard cognitohazard protection, the subject will automatically know that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74. However, the subject, unless having been provided knowledge of SCP-4575's anomaly beforehand, will not notice that they know this, and will nonchalantly mention the fact that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74 when appropriate.

SCP-4575 was discovered in Dorchester, Dorset, England outside of a bar, smoking a cigarette. Several people within the bar noticed SCP-4575, and one commented "Poor guy, he looks like he smokes a pack a day. I've seen him on my way to work, he gorges himself on candy bars and gas station pizza and donuts. Dude won't live past 50. Actually, he'll die at 74, to be honest."

Shortly after, five other individuals starting commenting on the fact that SCP-4575 will die at the age of 74. Agent Westhoff, who was off-duty at this time, conducted follow-up interviews with the individuals, who confirmed they had never met previously, confirming that the interaction was not planned. Site-551 was contacted and SCP-4575 was subsequently contained.

Addendum: On September 2nd, 2002, SCP-4575 suffered a brain aneurysm and died at the age of 39. This wasn't noticed by onsite staff for approximately 25 minutes before being noticed. Attempts were made to give SCP-4575 medical attention immediately, but SCP-4575 died shortly thereafter.

Site-551 subsequently entered into a Temporal Paradox Lockdown, but soon resumed normal activity once the lack of temporal anomalies was confirmed. SCP-4575 was soon reclassified to Neutralized.

Fifteen seconds before death, while it was momentarily alone, SCP-4575 said its last words:

Oi, fuckin' dumbass, what are ya doin'? This wasn't part of the deal. You promised…

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