Faithful June
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Still frame of SCP-XXXX processed from MTF Eta-13 agent Hart's body camera on July 9th, 2018.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-42. The corner drains are to be inspected and cleaned bi-monthly for any buildup of rust or lime stain. The GPS tracker locked to the leg of SCP-XXXX is to be activated two days prior to the first day of the second week of June.

MTF Eta-13 is to be dispatched to track SCP-XXXX throughout the duration of the event. Surveillance of the Goodwin family members is to be conducted for 168 hours on the second week every June. During the second week of June within the western hemisphere, SCP-XXXX is incapable of being contained. SCP-XXXX is to be tracked throughout the entirety of the event, administering Class-A amnestics to any witnesses of SCP-XXXX.

Foundation web-crawlers are to specifically target social media users within the Central Time Zone area of the United States during the second week of June. Online media displaying SCP-XXXX is to be DDoSed from view and removed from the web. Individuals who viewed the media, as well as the owner of the account, are to be tracked and adminstered Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a metal fountain statue representing an adolescent woman. The metal umbrella attached to SCP-XXXX constantly produces water from the top from an unknown origin. SCP-XXXX is capable of locomotion2 despite lacking in necessary muscles. SCP-XXXX is highly sociable and will often interact with nearby subjects. Due to its inability to produce speech, nearby subjects will often flee from SCP-XXXX upon its approach.

On the second week of every June within the western hemisphere, SCP-XXXX will become active. SCP-XXXX will become sentient, often inspecting its surroundings upon the first several movements. Standard behavior is for SCP-XXXX to calmly investigate its cell before eventually teleporting to a location outside Site-42. During this time, SCP-XXXX will inevitably progress towards living members of the "Goodwin" family in Gunther, TX. SCP-XXXX is known for walking toward its destination, only teleporting when in a state of danger.

Upon reaching its destination, SCP-XXXX will investigate the area. SCP-XXXX will approach the Goodwin family member, often resulting in the civilian alerting nearby authorities. SCP-XXXX will usually display signs of defeatism before eventually moving on.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery and Sightings Log

On June 5th of 2010, SCP-XXXX was discovered upon local police reports among the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Eye-witness accounts of a 'man harassing civilians with an umbrella' were all documented with photographic proof. Foundation field agents tracked down SCP-XXXX, nearly containing the entity before teleporting to a remote location.

MTF Eta-13 (Greasers) was formed and dispatched for the purposes of tracking and containing SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX was tracked for the remainder of the SCP-XXXX event before finally becoming inanimate at the bottom of a wishing well nearly 3 kilometers in distance from the residence of now deceased Stephanie Goodwin. Below is a transcription of events documented during the tracking.

Log of SCP-XXXX Sightings
July 6th, 2010 Nashville, TN. The first addressed public sighting of SCP-XXXX. Civilians photographed SCP-XXXX and posted pictures and videos of the entity to various social networking websites. SCP-XXXX was followed by Foundation field agents, following the entity to a secluded area of Nashville. Agent Westrin apprehended SCP-XXXX before teleporting.
June 8th, 2010 Camden, AR SCP-XXXX was found going door to door in the Apollo neighborhood. Residents alerted local authorities before undercover Foundation field agents posing as police officers intercepted the calls. SCP-XXXX was soon found in the living room of the Hughes residence. SCP-XXXX attempted to shield May Hughes before becoming restrained by agent Westrin. Despite this, SCP-XXXX broke free from Westrin's restraint and attacked Westrin with its metal umbrella. SCP-XXXX made physical contact with agent Westrin's head, knocking him unconcious. SCP-XXXX expressed shock at the scene before quickly teleporting away. The Hughes family members were all administered Class-B amnestics.
June 12th, 2010 Gunther, TX. SCP-XXXX was located at a ranch known to have belonged to the Goodwin family for decades. The only residents of the ranch are Mary Goodwin (Mother) and Priscilla Goodwin (Daughter). SCP-XXXX ran to the porch of the house and knocked on the door. The two Goodwin residents spotted SCP-XXXX standing at their window and immediately called 911. SCP-XXXX began ringing the doorbell repeatedly while simultaneously knocking the door. SCP-XXXX soon after fell to the concrete of the porch, flailing its head back in forth before regaining its composure. SCP-XXXX jumped through the window with Mary screaming soon after. Priscilla grabbed a shotgun rifle and began firing at SCP-XXXX. Interestingly, SCP-XXXX fell to the ground as if it were in pain. SCP-XXXX quickly after teleported away, later being found inside the well of the ranch. SCP-XXXX was recovered on this date.
July 3rd, 2011 i'll get to this later

Addendum XXXX.2: Incident Log

Image attribution: Plum
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