Fake Words for Word SCP Brainstorm Reference Page

Words for SCP

Original given words

Crashington: Extantuation, fanding, loining, chlidosis, elser, pordisane
Gee0765: Boconic
rubyiguess: Anguisiation

Other help: AbsentmindedNihilist, LittleFieryOne

— when used in sentence

Noun: Anguisiation; Makes the reader zealously believe in the existence of the mythical creatures

Pronoun: Not touching this one (AKA, not in the skip) Alternatively: Removes itself from the SCP.

Verb: Fannd; fannding — Makes person feel high of marijuana

Adjective: Extantuite — Makes people see the world in 2D

Adverb: Loumily — Makes people feel like they're in a dream, that nothing's real

Preposition: Cinboc; Makes people temporarily experience an individualized reality

Conjunction: Elser — Makes the speaker seem absolutely illogical to anyone else

Interjection: Wuh — Makes anything the person hears or read feel as if it is a work of fiction

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