Fawn Dating Simulator

Draft note: If completed, everything will be through pictures. But I'm not working on all that art before I get this right so.


The following file is a result of the manifestation of SCP-XXXX. It is not to be edited unless given express permission by a personnel of Level 4 Security Clearance or higher.

Title Screen



???: Agent …………………..! There you are!

???: I know this is going to seem really weird, so you'll just have to bare with this.

Agent Luna: I'm agent Luna, head researcher of SCP-XXXX. Any documentation made of SCP-XXXX manifests in the form of a Visual Novel Romance Dating Simulation Game. To read about SCP-XXXX, you'll have to play the game.

Agent Luna: Man, was the test run messy. I've got it cleaned up since attempting to document it seventeen times normally. Needless to say it didn't work. But at least it's less confusing!

Agent Luna: In the corner of your screen, you'll see a few different buttons.

Agent Luna: See that notebook? Those are your character profiles. You've already collected two of them- Mine, and SCP-XXXX's. She goes by Fawn. Her profile is extremely helpful to completing your missions. Lets check out the ones you've collected!

Name: Agent Moon Luna
Occupation: Level 4 Clearance Foundation Agent.

Agent Luna is a responsible Foundation Agent that often mentors other members of Foundation Staff. Agent Luna holds all the information you'll need to get through the document.

Agent Luna: Your missions can

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