Feeling the Emotions
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is contained in a storage locker in hall C at Site-19. SCP-XXXX is not to be taken out of containment for testing without prior approval from a personnel of class 4 security clearance or higher. All individuals involved in testing for SCP-XXXX must have a psychological examination prior to taking place in testing.


SCP-XXXX prior to containment

SCP-XXXX is a black electric guitar. SCP-XXXX’s anomaly takes place when played by a subject knowledgeable on how to play to the instrument. When SCP-XXXX is played, all persons who are in a position to hear the music being played are subjected to an illusional state that represents the emotions of the one playing it. Said illusions can only be broken out of when the player ceases to continue playing.


The foundation first became aware of the existence of SCP-XXXX when news broke out of a series of local concerts held in ██████, Texas was causing individuals to be subjected to anomalous delusional states of mind. The concerts causing the anomalous activity were found to be held by 27 year old Duke ██████. (PoI-XXXX)

Addendum-2-Witness Reports:

Witness reports were recorded with dozens of witnesses of the anomalous activity. Excerpts of those reports include the following.

Witness Report-1:

Witness: Sara Lillips

Well uh, I attended one of Duke's concerts back in early June. I always listened to the stuff he published inline, and it was normal. It got suggested for me on FaceBook since we went to highschool together. I didn't know him real well and he was a grade above me, but he was always really talented. My brother was friends with him. Oh, anyways. He started with this song called 'Lonesome.' He composes all his own songs and music. For some reason when the song started, I slowly began to notice others in the crowd disappearing. I mean first it seemed to just be people in the distance. I was sure it was just the affects of the night. But before I knew it, I was the only one in the crowd. I looked up, and Duke was still preforming. But then I looked back, and shadows of black were all around me. I was just trapped in a cloud of darkness. I reached down to pull out my phone, but my purse was gone. I was completely alone with the sound of Duke's music. Before I knew it, I blinked, and everyone was back when the song was over. It was… really scary. People were shouting at him asking if he noticed anything, but he just simply ignored them as he switched to a different guitar. I didn't like being alone. 'All on my lonesome, all by myself. Desperately screaming and shouting for help.' Those were some of the lyrics. I really resonated with the lyrics at that moment.

Witness Report-2:

Witness: Hunter Kyson

I went back in late June. I heard about the concert through announcements in the local news. You know how the news talks about musicals being put on downtown or how they report on local comicons. Duke is really talented. I found his stuff on sound cloud and listened to it there. The tickets were relatively cheap and the drive was only an hour, so I made my way down there. He had this nice black guitar he was getting ready to use. It had never been in any of his pictures on his Instagram page, so I figured it was new. The first song he preformed that night was called 'Upstaged.' It opened with a really pretty melody. It was just kind of subtle and soft. But when the lyrics started, the melody became a bit..harder..I guess that's how to say it? I don't know. I don't know what washed over me, but I suddenly felt different and weird. And then before I knew it, I wasn't even at the concert hall anymore, though I could still hear the song. I was back in my old middle school. There was Caria Mollone. My best friend, also the girl who upstaged me at everything. I could just see a flash of all her projects that the teachers loved more than mine, all the people that were friends with her that I admired and wanted as my friends. Lauren Kinders, captain of the school's student run art club accepted her into it as the vice president. I loved Lauren, and I had dreamed of getting that position. I didn't know what was happening, but I didn't like seeing all this. Suddenly, I was there. I wasn't just watching. I was actually talking to her. She said 'aw I'm sorry Hunter! Just keep trying! That's what I did!' But that never fucking worked. I opened my mouth to reply, but I was back at the concert hall and the song was over. Instead of clapping, people shouted and asked why they were reliving the moments that people upstaged them in life. Didn't answer, only switched guitars. All I knew is that I was crying, and I felt awful. Oh, I just recalled something. In the last vision I saw, I saw Duke. Not like on the stage, but he was playing his guitar in the back of the classroom. He just sort of…watched the situation…and he looked like he did in middle school too. I didn't know what he was doing there, but it just made things worse. I'm not sure if he really was there in the real moment where I confronted her.

Witness Report-3:

Witness: Angel McNamara

I um…. don't have a whole lot to say….. Duke was or um, uh…is really talented…I saved up some money to go see him once I heard he was doing some concerts in his local town on YouTube…It wasn't the first song of the night…it was the last actually. Right before he preformed the last song, he switched guitars to this new black one. He had never posted about it on his social media, so I assumed it was new anyways…. the song was called 'Horrible Pain.' I had heard it before from his YouTube..really catchy… But I guess so is the plague cause uh.. this song was evil.. at least it was this time.. Because when he started singing, people suddenly started to scream around me. I turned around, and people were suddenly getting shot and stabbed from unknown sources. And for some reason, they were all screaming t-to me for help…I didn't e-even know anyone there….then they started to blame me for not helping them….and then they were all mutilated corpses in pools of blood and guts…. I turned around back to the stage, and there Duke was. He was just…playing his music as normal….I felt some sort of quick stab or something…then I blinked and it was all back to normal, and the song was over. Everyone in the crowd was dead silent. When I looked around, I could just see the horror on their faces… I straight up ran out of there…

Witness Report-4:

Witness: Casan Lillips

Oh…. tell you what I felt…. yeah I-I guess you can't get the whole story all from one person.. Yeah me and Duke still hang out occasionally… he had been pretty distant since me and Lorca got married… But he said he wrote a new song and he wanted me to hear it, so I went over to his house. He had out this black guitar that I had never seen him use before. I asked if it was new, and he said that he had owned it for years. So I-I didn't ask anymore questions about it. He didn't actually tell me the name of the song before he started playing, b-but he told me afterwards that it was called 'Heartbroken.' Yeah, I could tell by that point. He began to play, and I begin to feel this horrible pain in my chest. I put my hand in the area where it hurt, but my hand just sank into my skin, causing me to scream. I don't know why, but I grabbed my heart out of my chest. as soon as I held it out, it shattered into pieces in my hand. Right at that moments, I really started listening to the lyrics Duke was singing. 'Heartbroken. Heartbroken. You aren't loved aren't loved you never were. Everyone will leave you. That means him, and that means her. Useless garbage sink into the ground. You'll never come around, cause you're heartbroken.' I looked up at Duke and he just…stared at me…he had this cold look in his eye…it only made the pains in my chest worse. I felt myself c-collapse to the ground and then…I woke up and I was normal again. I screamed at Duke. I asked him what he did to me. All he said was just….'the same thing you did to me.'


On 12-09-20██, a group of foundation agents were sent to the home of PoI-XXXX to question him about the anomalous activities that had been traced to him. Upon entering the home, the subject was found playing a soulful melody on SCP-XXXX. All Foundation agents who were on the scene reported seeing waterfalls coming from the ceiling. The illusions experienced next were reported to vary per agent. Agent Caria Mollone reported being transferred back to the scenes of her past accomplishments and relived them again if they had gone the opposite way. Agent Mollone reported feelings of intense fear had been instilled in her. Agent Mollone was the only agent who returned to a state without illusions while the music was still coming from SCP-XXXX. Agent Mollone reported feeling paralyzed and unable to move, only being able to watch the subject continue to play on SCP-XXXX.

Agent Mollone was able to break out of the illusion/delusion, and shot PoI-XXXX in the right shoulder with a hand gun. PoI-XXXX dropped SCP-XXXX, and it was able to be contained. PoI-XXXX and all witnesses of SCP-XXXX were delivered amnesics, and SCP-XXXX was transferred to Site-19 soon after.
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