Fertility Squirrel

NOTES: The fertility relationship is good. Antimatter/explosion stuff…eh.

Base idea: this squirrel is tied to worldwide fertility rates. Preventing it from 'touching the ground' leads to exponentially growing fertility rates. Allowing it to then touch the ground leads to a rubber band effect, where the longer it was prevented from touching the ground equates to a greater reduction of fertility rates.

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Item #: SCP-S

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter measuring roughly 30 m x 30 m is to be constructed in the area surrounding SCP-S. A single patrol containing no less than 2 Foundation security agents are to patrol the area every 6 hours and ensure SCP-S remains unhampered.

A fixture of iridium is to be maintained directly beneath SCP-S. This fixture is to be maintained by a research team comprised of 5-8 individuals, who will measure SCP-S's acceleration and proximity to the ground daily. The addition of more iridium will carried out by this research team when it is deemed appropriate by the research team head.

Any members of the research or patrol team who show signs of subordination will be immediately amnesticized and moved to a different project.

Description: SCP-S is a large, roughly 1 meter in length, squirrel like rodent. SCP-S appears randomly in different forests around the globe. SCP-S's current location is North of Fairbanks, Alaska, in the center of the boreal forest present. SCP-S is currently hovering 2 meters above the ground.

Approximately 2 cm below SCP-S is a roughly spherical light projection, referred to as SCP-S-1. This object is intangible, with anything that tries to touch simply going through it with nothing happening to it. SCP-S prime objective is to get SCP-S-1 into the ground. Normally, it will start 10 meters above the ground and will begin approaching the ground at a rate of 1 meter per day. After 10 days, it will finally reach the ground and push SCP-S-1 into the ground. Once this happens, SCP-S will also become intangible and begin accelerating towards the Earth's core. It is unknown exactly when it reaches the core, but usually after a period ranging from 10 days to 40 years, SCP-S will reappear in a random forest.

Whenever SCP-S is successful in reaching the ground and is able to get SCP-S-1, fertility rates of humans go down by a noticeable amount.

The Foundation has currently recorded 3 events where SCP-S has appeared and reached the core. Each time, fertility rates of humans has dropped significantly.

Addendum: History and discovery. Final 'Oh shit.' moment should be here.

Idea crit:
<EdwardBuck117> okay, so varaxous, I am not sure I can properly critique this idea…the idea is interesting, yet outside stuff that I believe CAN happen (which has expanded a lot since I found this site)
<EdwardBuck117> I am not saying the fertility changing stuff is not clicking, just the time that the squirrel has been around is outside of my beliefs as to what is possible
<EdwardBuck117> Overall, it looks fairly good

<shaggydredlocks> Varaxous: Alright, so I really like the idea wrt this thing balancing out fertility rates planet-wide. I'm not super excited about the antimatter/Tungaska stuff - seems like a distraction to make it more dangerous, when you've already got an interesting idea that doesn't necessarily need that level of impending doom.
<shaggydredlocks> If it really is so ancient, I'd assume it wouldn't look anything like modern life

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