Ends of the Earth
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Location of SCP-4144's discovery. (hover to enlarge)

Item #: SCP-4144

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to no Foundation sites being mapped, there is no way to effectively contain SCP-4144 within Google Earth. Foundation AI KC/IGO has been programmed to track and follow SCP-4144 at all times. KC/IGO is programmed to produce a mild disruption effect, resulting in the immediate rendered area around SCP-4144 appearing inaccessible to the general public.

Description: SCP-4144 is a humanoid that exists in a parallel reality viewable through the Google Earth program. SCP-4144 moves in real time within the program's static images, and is capable of interacting with objects within them. However, it is unable to move any objects. SCP-4144 does not possess any other known anomalous abilities. SCP-4144 exists at the same relative height as a normal human, and as such is only viewable through the Street View function.

SCP-4144 resembles a Caucasian female human, and is believed to be 16 years old. SCP-4144 does not seem to require food or water and does not age. SCP-4144 spends its time walking around within Google Earth, often choosing to explore natural parks or climb mountains. SCP-4144's appearance matches that of Chloe ███████, a Missing Person as of 11/12/2018.

Addendum 1: Interview Log

Through modified use of SCP-1549, Researcher Vestin was able to enter the Google Earth simulation and locate SCP-4144.

Image is of Mt. Gould in Montana and was taken by Stephane Champoussin for Google Earth.

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