Flawed's Idea Dump


Scheduled assignments for the Flawed Division1


Clearance 1/FWD

  • An art piece that steals barely noticable things from other pieces to make its own masterpiece, conveying "small things contribute to a greater cause".
  • Mr. RNG
  • Dad went out to get some milk
  • Cây Khế
  • Something in the cupboards
  • Mother's Eye
  • Something something tears something
  • Chocolate break up something something

Clearance 2/FWD

  • The Hoan Kiem Turtle
  • Nuclear Shadows
  • Louis le Prince self-insert
  • Awful unoriginal Edison
  • Runaway children
  • Bootstrap paradox + Semi-existent love story Inspired by Kimi no na wa.
  • do you ever dreaming falling in love with someone in your dream but when you wake up you don't remember the girl name or face,when you wake up only the feels of falling in love remain
  • Cliffhanger
  • Interdimensional Toilet or something
  • Tumbleweeds + The Screenwriters

Clearance 3/FWD

  • Bootstrap Time Machine
  • Le Titanic thingy
  • Existence simulator, but replace the computer with the brain
  • Funeral of the gravekeeper
  • Girl can't feel pain
  • GoI of people from previous worlds
  • A blanket which opens to a fantasy dimension, but towards the end gets more biblical and dark, ending with the corpse of the kid. Heavily inspired by Binding of Isaac. Parent punish kid because they thought he was doing black magic.
  • Flat line
  • Reality Bender Teacher and Jealous Girlfriend
  • They claim their labours are to build a heaven, yet it is filled with horrors. Some Foundation guy get lost something something told elves/gnomes/some other shit to build stairs something something

Clearance 4/FWD

  • A scipped day: Every non-leap year, the solar system stops orbitting for one day and starts moving towards the sun and the sun has to shrink to keep distance (possible narrative: planet gods trying to kill the sun in mythology)
  • Pre-Existing Disorder
  • Something something cloud that is an experiment to deploy amnestics en masse, but fucks up somehow and something something include metaphors to mediocrity and indifferent clouds and shit.
  • Ancient spaceship with hallucinogen that causes people to eat the aliens
  • A civilization originated from Lac Long Quan living under the East sea, having beef with the four ethnic groups that moved on land.
  • Hypnic Jerks
  • XK Site

Clearance 5/FWD

001 Proposal

Severely Corrupted Perceptions

AIC Prepared Assignments

  • An article involving thunder that explains rains of fish. The article should evoke sadness.
  • An article about a cannon associated with being alone. The article should explore terror.
  • An article about a sheep that makes you experience a sense of communication. The article should convey deceit.
  • An article about a desk lamp that makes you experience a sense of disgust. The article should explore paranoia.
  • An article involving anarchy that explains the Curse of Tippecanoe. The article should evoke nihility.
  • An article that explores the breakdown of society and philosophy. The article should evoke artistry. (A jenga game promised to bring down people' expectations of society, in the end collapses the whole building the players are in, destroy other arts and form words by the rubble)
  • An article that explores life after death and the inability to trust one's senses. The article should convey deprivation.

These are randomly generated ones, so I can't claim them. The bolded ones are the ones being/have been worked with, and the rest are free to use if you happen to stumble across this page.


  • What if 2521 is actually a manifestation of all the blackboxes, redactions and expungements the foundation has made.
  • 3267 x 3726 x 3317
  • Joining the circle
  • Five percent
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