Flaw I
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


Aerial view of SCP-XXXX's above ground offices after "Eldritch" XK-Class Scenario, 19/4/2019/7β.

Special Containment Procedures: Security personnel are to patrol the perimeter of SCP-xxxx and prevent any trespassing attempts made by civilians.

The above ground offices of SCP-xxxx has been converted into a temporary base housing for Mobile Task Force Gamma-76 ("Survivors"), specifically mobilized for exploration of SCP-xxxx's subterranean levels. Members are to be equipped with Class-IV Environmental Hazard suits, and are to take special care when accessing unexplored territory within SCP-xxxx.

Update: As of 31/8/2015, several Scranton Reality Anchors and Xyank-Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks have been installed on SCP-xxxx, connected to the former security systems in the building to detect any containment breaches within SCP-xxxx and activate the devices accordingly. Mobile Task Force Gamma-77 ("Ganymede") is authorized to respond to such breaches with heavy force to prevent information breaches and possible XK-Class Scenario Events.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a large building complex, formerly established as Foundation Containment Site-27 located in Pripyat, Ukraine. The Site was abandoned along with the evacuation of the town population during the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, due to risk of exposure to high radiation levels. Multiple on-site anomalies at the time were also transported to nearby Sites, mainly Site-77 and Site-26. The remaining anomalies were either impossible to relocate or not relocated in time, and most perished or neutralized due to radiation exposure, save for several non-biological anomalies.

While the near-ground levels were regularly checked for remaining items and data, anomalous activity in SCP-xxxx's subterranean levels were not discovered until 21/4/2016/5θ, after XK-Class Scenario "Unknown". Following the announcement of major Site lockdowns and the initialization of Ganymede protocol, multiple distress signals were detected broadcasting from below SCP-xxxx. Initially thought to be a system malfunction, the signals were ignored and eventually died down. After resolving the XK Event was resolved and civilization was reconstructed following the automated activation of Procedure Lazarus-01, Overwatch Command were notified to the broadcast of signals, and a team was sent to investigate, thus leading to the discovery and classification of SCP-xxxx.


A collapsed hallway in Level 12 Living Quarters Wing.

While archived records and schematics of Site-27 only show it to have 9 underground levels, 17 additional levels have been uncovered in exploration attempts, and there are evidence suggesting the existence of at least 21 deeper levels. The architecture of these levels are consistent with the scheme of Foundation facilities constructed in the late 20th century, albeit featuring high concentrations of living quarters and containment wings. Most of these levels are in various states of disrepair: rubble are present along most hallways, broken and/or collapsed offices, the most severely damaged being level 11, having collapsed onto level 12, the latter is littered with obsidian, cooling igneous rock and other materials, the reason for this is still unknown.

SCP-xxxx's subterranean levels are inhabited by various types of anomalous entities and phenomena, designated SCP-xxxx-A. Most of these anomalies are not documented in any record in the current database, but a search through the Archive of Unidentified Foundation Records provided multiple matches to Keter-class and [REDACTED] anomalies. About 78% of SCP-xxxx-A instances are either inert, neutralized or otherwise non-hostile, while the remaining instances are active and hostile. A full comprehensive list of SCP-xxxx-A instances can be found in document XXXX-CAL. Below is an abridged list of instances.

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