Flaw III
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Item #: SCP-XXXX



Special Containment Procedures: [ARCHIVED] POI-2627 is to remain in Foundation custody for research purposes, and must undergo weekly psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an extradimensional space, accessible through a 6cm wide hole located in the uterus of a woman named ██████ ████████ (designated POI-2627) living in the Virginian suburbs. When questioned, POI-2627 denied any knowledge regarding SCP-xxxx.

The interior of SCP-xxxx is a temperate forest, which constantly stays at an illuminance of 3 lux. The full size of SCP-xxxx has yet to be determined.

Addendum xxxx-1: Discovery

██████ had her first child being a stillbirth in 1996, the cause was determined to be asphyxiation during delivery. Due to this, ██████ requested C-sectioning while bearing a pair of male twins in 2001. However, upon the opening of the uterus, the two children were discovered to have been asphyxiated by their umbilical cords, strangulation marks visible on their necks. In addition, a hole on the uterus wall was also discovered, leading to the discovery of SCP-xxxx. Of note is, autopsies revealed the time of death of the twins was almost right before the beginning of the operation.

Addendum xxxx-2: Exploration Log

On 10/14/2004, an exploration of SCP-xxxx's interior was authorized. POI-2627 was anesthetized and her abdomen was opened to allow for a FW26D micro-crawler to traverse through the entrance point, connected to control via a sterilized cable.


Crawler enters SCP-xxxx through entrance point. Upon fully traversing the hole, crawler falls on its side, possibly due to the non-standard gravity of SCP-xxxx. Crawler is extracted and re-inserted.

Crawler does a 360-degree turn, revealing nothing but trees in every direction. Crawler heads north. As the crawler moves, rustling sounds are occasionally heard. After traversing for approximately 4 minutes without encountering any abnormalities, crawler is instructed to return and head south.

At the 9:19 minute mark, an unusual figure is visible. As the crawler approaches, the figure is revealed to be humanoid in nature, vaguely the size of an adult female, naked and curled up into a fetal position. The entity hovers approximately 2 meters above the ground, and makes no movements.

As the cable has almost reached its maximum length, the crawler is instructed to return to the entrance point. However, as it attempts to do this, movement is heavily hindered, as if the cable is being pulled in the opposite direction. As the crawler turns to face the entity, it is revealed that the cable has somehow formed a loop around the entity's neck, which still remains in its position. Crawler instructed to move around the entity to loosen the loop.

The camera is suddenly obstructed, and evidence suggests that the crawler has experienced a spontaneous transportation into another space, and is seemingly unable to move. Faint crying sounds can be heard in the background, gradually increasing in volume and intensity.

After several minutes, the crawler is heavily shaken and then falls to the ground, seemingly dropped from above. Drops of an unidentified substance is visible on the camera lens. Activation of locomotion fails. The cable is pulled manually, apparently no longer restricted.

As the crawler is being pulled towards the entrance, the entity can be seen covering its face with its hands, shaking. A substance can be seen dropping from behind its legs. Crawler retrieved without complications.


Notes: The crawler is revealed to have been wrapped in several loops of cable, and is covered in human blood. Genetic testing provides a 97% match with POI-2627.

Addendum xxxx-3: Request of reclassification

DATE: 10/16/2017
FROM: Researcher James Andrew <ten.artni|werdnard#ten.artni|werdnard>
TO: Site-26 Director David Williams <ten.artni|62lliwdivad#ten.artni|62lliwdivad>
SUBJECT: Reclassification of SCP-xxxx

I don't know what happened. Really.

We found POI-2627 dead in her quarter this morning. Rupture of the uterus. When we found her, she had a swell in her abdomen. Autopsy was performed, and within her is a stillborn, strangled by her umbilical cord. Filling her womb were dry leaves and dirt everywhere. But there was no placenta. The cord was coming straight out of the entrance hole, which had contracted and the entrance was no longer present. Until we can actually find another entrance into it, which is unlikely, I think it's safe to reclassify SCP-xxxx as Neutralized.

P.S. Also, you know what? I've got my boys dig into hospital records, and turns out POI-2627 had a twin. Stillborn.

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