Flaw IX
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Item #: SCP-XXXX


The primary location of SCP-xxxx manifestations.

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small area on the bank of ### River, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam, covering approximately 20 square meters and extending 3 meters below ground, with a bamboo cluster growing in the center. SCP-XXXX is invulnerable to damage — attempts to chop down the bamboos or dig into the soil beneath have been met with failure. Scans of the anomaly have revealed at least five sets of human remains below the bamboo cluster.

On the full moon of each month, SCP-xxxx has a chance to undergo a phenomenon in which water from the ### River rises significantly higher than calculated tidal effects, eroding much of the soil around SCP-xxxx. This phenomenon usually disturbs the objects used in Procedure-XXXX-A, while causing little effect to SCP-xxxx itself.

SCP-xxxx-1 is a sentient entity which emerges from SCP-xxxx if Procedure-XXXX-A is not performed on a full moon or is disrupted by the aforementioned phenomenon. SCP-xxxx-1 resembles a 4-meter long bamboo stalk, with three humanoid heads situated around the top node and several sets of emaciated limbs attached randomly to the lower nodes1, which is its primary form of movement.

Upon manifestation, SCP-xxxx-1 wanders the nearby village and appears to prey on mice and poultry. However, it often struggles to orient itself when approaching said prey, with the limbs all independently attempt to stay on the ground. The reason for this behavior is unknown.

SCP-xxxx-1 also carries a passive memetic hazard, which causes hallucinations and potentially harmful compulsions in observers. Affected individuals often attempts to eat soil, live insects or frogs. Effects typically disappear quickly when individuals are removed from the immediate vicinity of SCP-xxxx-1.

SCP-xxxx-1 demanifests when the moon sets the following morning.


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