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Item #: SCP-3498

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: It is unknown which initiative led to the containment of SCP-3498. Site-82 personnel have assessed the conditions of its pre-existing containment chamber (designated SCP-3498-1) and included its details below.

SCP-3498-1 is composed of a standardized 4,000 L Class-4 Lovell-Huron containment vat filled with controlled liquid nitrogen. At all times, the admixture within the containment vat includes between 30-40% of a sodium nitrite solution. As well, 5-10% of SCP-3498 is composed of a trehalose disaccharide to reduce desiccation as necessary. Ultimately, SCP-3498's containment chamber is used to ensure complete cryonic suspension of SCP-3498 while preserving and maintaining brain function in conjunction with a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system.

SCP-3498-1 is maintained at a constant temperature of −196 °C, while the DBS system installed within SCP-3498's diffuse nerve net is supplied with a constant voltage of 8 V. As SCP-3498 exists almost entirely separate from the rest of Site-82, it is powered independently with an EMP-shielded antimatter power generator1, which is theorized to remain in indefinite operation. In the event of an unexpected generator malfunction leading to a breach of containment, SCP-3498-1 is encased within a durable cast iron enclosure capable of withstanding approximately 3,500 kPa of pressure.

Due to SCP-3498's current containment procedures, SCP-3498 has been designated a Low-priority Safe Object and remains contained in the now-defunct Parathreats Area2 of Site-82, which includes Sub-Basement 12.

Description: SCP-3498 is a soft-bodied cydippid3 entity of unknown origin. SCP-3498 measures roughly 2.4 meters in size and weighs approximately 160 kg. SCP-3498 is composed of a gelatinous transparent violet epidermis capable of expanding to a diameter of approximately 6 m. SCP-3498 consists of two retractable tentilla that run the length of its body, which it uses to manoeuvre its surroundings.

The means by which SCP-3498 came into Foundation custody are unknown. The original documentation of SCP-3498 was not found on any internal Foundation networks, including the M-SCiPNET4, Protected Site-01's offline repository, and Site-82's intranet systems.

SCP-3498 was discovered in the currently decommissioned Sub-Basement 12 of Site-82 during a routine site maintenance session on 2021/04/10. SCP-3498 is known to have entered Foundation custody at some point between 1999 and 20025. It is currently understood that SCP-3498 was previously known to Foundation personnel stationed at Site-82 until 2013 when Sub-Basement 12 was decommissioned. At that point, all evidence of its existence was removed, including from the memory of all onsite personnel. Whether or not the existence of SCP-3498 played a significant role in Sub-Basement 12's decommissioning is unknown.

Addendum 3498-1: Interaction with SCP-3498: Upon discovery of the entity's containment chamber, SCP-3498-1, a number of different identifiable anomalous objects6 were being used as a means to cogently record the data within SCP-3498's memories7. These anomalies in conjunction with one another result in a direct mind-to-mind connection between SCP-3498 and an intended third-party observer (designated SCP-3498-2), allowing SCP-3498-2 to respond to and communicate from within the dream. The use of additional anomalies to observe and conduct a memory-related study on SCP-3498 is not necessarily required to contain the entity and exists to further the understanding of SCP-3498's brain and memories.

Though SCP-3498 is in a state of unconsciousness as per its containment procedures, a constant stream of information has been documented running through its diffuse nerve net, displaying neurological patterns similar to those experienced during REM sleep in humans. The documented patterns exist despite the use of the DBS system. The system is used to replicate SCP-3498's neural patterns to allow SCP-3498-2 to interface with and receive the information contained within its diffuse nerve net. As well, SCP-3498's diffuse nerve net transmits information despite lacking the means to consume sustenance, suggesting arcane origins.

The only means of observing SCP-3498's dreams is by using SCP-3498-2 as a surrogate for memory retainment, which is achieved by placing SCP-3498-2 in a medically induced deep sleep. Data within SCP-3498's dream state is transmitted directly into the brain stem of SCP-3498-2, and SCP-3498-2 becomes aware that they have become a stand-in figure in SCP-3498's dream state. During experimentation, the designated SCP-3498-2 is not to make their existence known to SCP-3498, and they are to act as conspicuous as necessary.

Due to the nature of this experimental process8, SCP-3498-2 individuals are to conform to a number of procedures to ensure their mental fitness during this process. SCP-3498-2 individuals are subject to losing between 1 to 3 months of memories after a full session of persistent SCP-3498 testing. As well, SCP-3498-2 individuals wishing to take part in experimentation are to be memetically hardened, resistant to dream-based entities, are to be assigned to no high-priority assignments in the last 3 months. SCP-3498 are subject to a week of memory rehabilitation therapy following interaction with SCP-3498.

Extended research logs into SCP-3498 are to be kept as additional Addenda material and are to be protected from potential deletion.

Addendum 3498-2: Exploration Logs

SCP-3498: Cydippid alien
SCP-3498-1: The containment chamber
SCP-3498-2: Third-party observer
SCP-3498-3: The alien's species
SCP-3498-4: Id

  • In its long slumber, Id dreams up Dreamspace.
  • SCP-3498-3, a species dedicating to manipulating dreams, comes across Dreamspace. They enter it and populate it, calling it their own.
  • Through some dream manipulation process, the GOC is able to discover Dreamspace. They launch a campaign to destroy as much of it as possible, pulling SCP-3498 into our world to investigate it.
  • The destruction of Dreamspace awakens Id. Id has antimemetic properties that make the GOC forget about SCP-3498 and -3. Eventually, an MTF unit comes across a GOC base and comes across the alien. They bring it to Site-82 to contain it.
  • SCP-3498-3 is afraid of Id's awakening and plan to escape Dreamspace forever to create their own dream world.
  • Eventually, the Foundation hooks up paratech to SCP-3498 and are able to enter Dreamspace. SCP-3498-3 floods through to make the researchers at Site-82 give birth to SCP-3498 dream babies, which begin to migrate to deep in the ocean to create their new Dreamspace. Id makes Site-82 forget about SCP-3498.
  • Years later, Site-82 finds an alien in its containment in one of their basements. The alien is not in any records and how it got there is unknown.
  • The alien has multiple SCPs hooked up (like 3969 but more advanced) to allow you to enter the alien's dreams.
  • D-class are exposed to it and the Foundation find out the alien impregnates your mind with its dream babies, which are born into the real world.
  • The following is initially thought: The alien and its dream babies have some antimemetic properties when they're in danger that causes information on them to be wiped, which wipes them from the database, effectively hiding their existence every time dream babies are born.
    • This is false, it's actually Id's antimemetic properties that erase memories. But the Foundation doesn't know this.
  • The Foundation is, however, able to glean the following.
  • Each member of SCP-3498-3 acts as a node for a mass dream structure
  • The species is highly advanced in the field of:
    • Dream architecture - Creating vivid dream imagery that supersedes the complexity of 3+1 dimensional reality construction, imagination construction, and mono-entity dream construction
    • Dream-to-dream bridging - The dream architecture "dreamspace" consists of a network of 9 billion nodes of dreamer (species population of 9 billion) diffuse nerve nets that are individually almost as complex as the human brain, but each are devoted nearly 100% to dreamspace construction, and thus are individually more complex when it comes to contributing to dreamspace. Dreamspace is able to draw from dreams of other dreamers (specific instance: 3002 in another universal instance causes most of humanity to go unconscious. the unconscious dreaming minds of all of earth can be accessed through dreamspace)
    • Dream-to-reality manipulation - Each individual member of the species can draw from dreamspace and collective dream ideas to gain energy in the real world. Each member has tentilla that can directly go into the brain stem of a person and use that stem to access dreamspace if their access to dreamspace is otherwise severed. The GOC finds the alien and discover dreamspace. Instead of killing the entity, they go into dreamspace and attack it, killing many of the species and severing important dreamspace connections.
      • The species begins to directly use human minds to birth themselves into this reality using dreamspace energy to make up for lost nodes. This also doubles as an antimemetic effect that removes the entity from memories and systems, because they want to continue dreamspace on their own and don't want anyone else to hinder them. The GOC continues to manipulate the alien and forget them repeatedly. The Foundation eventually gets a hold of the alien and contains it.
  • And so, exploration logs. First few exploration logs explore dream space, next couple explore dream babies, the final log is an in-dream reconstruction of the real world, up to and including a full reconstruction of Site-82. The dreamer enters Site-82 to witness himself connecting to the alien, before entering his dream duplicate's dream inside the dream, after which point he finds a dream node of 7 billion unconscious humans. This dream is of the 3002-impacted earth.
  • The Foundation attempts to stop him and unplugs him but his mind has been fully transferred into the dream. Turns out the dream did not wipe minds but rather transferred them into dreamspace. For some reason his information continues to transmit after being unplugged. Before anything further happens, antimemetics black out all knowledge and resets the cycle.

Id: It is the enemy of SCP-3498-3. Id is an eldritch abomination known as the Id. Id is a massive entity that shifts reality by reaching through its folds with a single long tentacle, causing terrifying visions ("nightmares") to beings in its path. SCP-3498 was able to escape Id when their species travelled further up the dreamspace ladder. While SCP-3498-2 slowly escape Dreamspace, Id begins to affect our world too by giving us nightmares of its approach.

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