ANSO -- Then Perish

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Benjamin Cost dropped his voice to a whisper as he leaned in. The cheap office chair he sat upon squealed, disturbing all sense of subtlety along with it. "A little birdy told me that the Spiessers use drug money to fund their containment operation."

Georgia Ellison, the field's forewoman, erupted in shock. "You can't be serious! Who told you that?"

"Eh, the tech guys scrubbed this info and more from a top-secret database last night. Something called skipnit? Chad's going to run a story on it. He says this is our big break on these guys."

"Hasn't he said that about every story he's run in the past four months?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, he's Chad, what do you expect?"

"What do I expect from Chad? Do you really wanna know? Because I'll tell you right now, it ain't much."

"I'm saying — what do you expect, the guy's a monster! Whenever Chad foots the bill, he does such a great job at filling the holes. He practically yanks down the speissers whole to fill them for him!"

"Do you have any leads for me that don't involve Chad? Specifically, any involving the raid we're doing on the Suits next month?"


"You know, the one that's super important? And a week behind schedule? And five men short?"

Ben blinked, stuttered a few times, and then leaned back with clenched teeth. He didn't have any other leads.

"Thought so." Georgia rotated in her chair, refreshing her browser. "Hold the phone. Denver just sent me an email. You know, all he had to do was take ten steps down the hall and to the right and he could speak to me without this bullshit charade." Georgia shuffled up from her seat and peeked her head out the office door. "Denver? Denver! I'm right here, you lazy sack of—"

Ben mustered up a long drawn-out yawn. He looked at his watch. It was 9:21; still the start of the workday. And yet, by now, it seemed like everyone was already covered in the dirt they had dug up on the Speissers, the division heads, and one another. It was shaping up to be a long day indeed.

  • GAW chat log with the AN-SO employee

  • finding the safe house

  • insanity commences
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