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From: Dr. Kiyoshi Inada, Site-42 Psychologist, Ethics Committee Liaison
To: Dr Lucas Whitehall
Re: Joshua
Dear Dr. Whitehall,

The investigation into your unauthorized addition of Joshua to the list of test subjects for SCP-XXXX, and subsequent manipulation of the subject list, has been concluded.

Seeing as the request to have Joshua removed from the project and returned to his mother's custody also came from you, we are inclined to show lenience. However, your expertise on attending tests involving SCP-XXXX have been determined to be too valuable to allow you to be separated from the project.

Further testing will occur with properly selected test subjects. Further abuses of power will not be tolerated, doctor.


Dr. Kiyoshi Inada
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Various code tests

— With some help from YossiLeiner and others

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Item Number: SCP-3787 Level 3/3787
Object Class: Keter Hiemal Classified

My first SCP attempt

— From October of 2013

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[2018 Floppy note: Imagine a non-compliant CGI B-movie image of a spooky monster here]
SCP-XXXX directly after containment breach at Site-343. Several D-Class were incorporated into its body mass.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 3 m x 3 m x 2.5 m chamber made entirely out of concrete, and kept in Site-343. Each chamber wall is to be 30 cm thick. The chamber is to contain a set of two locked steel doors: one inner door, and one outer door. These doors will ensure an airtight chamber at all times. The containment chamber is to be in near-darkness at all times: outfitted with two (2) dimmed fluorescent tubes lining the chamber that automatically switch on and off in correspondence with SCP-XXXX's emergence phases. The containment chamber is to include two (2) night-vision camera to view SCP-XXXX given the chamber’s darkness.

Containment personnel are to ensure that there are no damages, such as holes, cracks or crevices, in SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. In the event that there are any damages caused by SCP-XXXX, the object is to be removed and placed into a secondary containment chamber. In the object's absence, the damage must be filled in by researchers and three (3) armed personnel equipped with MOPP suits, personal armor, and a breathing apparatus.

Proposals to study SCP-XXXX must be met with written acceptance by no fewer than three (3) O5 council members.

Description: SCP-XXXX, in its base form, is a triped amphibian of unknown origin that can traverse environments at 20 m/s. SCP-XXXX retains a fourth appendage that retracts directly from its esophagus. This appendage contains three (3) organic tools: a jagged structure that is used to cut apart organisms; a blunt structure that leeches organisms of sustenance and injects a fast-acting anesthetic; and finally, a thin structure that acts as a sewing needle. SCP-XXXX has a single eye about 9 cm in diameter. SCP-XXXX does not use its eye for sight, but merely to intake light to perform chemical processes. Despite its blindness, it has an enhanced susceptibility to objects around it and can sense nearby objects with precise accuracy. Due to the fact its eye intakes particle light that does not escape, its face cannot be directly viewed without the use of thermal scopes or night-vision goggles.

SCP-XXXX is adept in detaching entire body proportions from their original locations and reapplying the partitions into different locations and configurations. Reconfigured limbs of SCP-XXXX operate with one hundred (100) percent efficiency almost immediately after attachment. SCP-XXXX naturally progresses through a number of "phases" that vary depending on the self-imposed niche. Each phase concisely displays the anomalous abilities SCP-XXXX retains, and explain how the entity survives.

Phase One - "Chemical Phase": As a natural recurring event, SCP-XXXX will intake any light via its eye and begin to transform the absorbed radiant energy into stored chemical energy. This short phase leads directly into Phase Two.

Phase Two - "Static Phase": Following the synthesis of the previous phase, SCP-XXXX utilizes the stored energy to provide minuscule sustenance to the entity. After doing so, SCP-XXXX will proceed through a cycle of utilizing the rest of the stored energy in small amounts. This will occur for 29 days at a time. During this time, SCP-XXXX will not follow any other natural processes, including movement. This phase has been routine self-maintenance within SCP-XXXX since its containment.

Phase Three - "Kinetic Phase": Awakening from Phase Two, SCP-XXXX will finally require new sustenance as it begins to move around. Depleted of its initial energy, SCP-XXXX will produce adrenaline hormones that will enhance its movement by 600 percent. New sustenance is appeased in the form of adopting organisms with sizable organic materials (hereby known as XXXX-B). SCP-XXXX will undergo self-adaptation on its body to more easily locate and adopt XXXX-B instances. SCP-XXXX has entered this Phase ███ times since containment. If no instances are found within 12 days, SCP-XXXX will shelter itself and revert directly back to Phase One and begin natural chemical processes.

Phase Four - "Divergent Phase": When SCP-XXXX has acquired significant body mass, the singular entity will diverge into two instances, each with an equal mass. Both new instances will travel outward to search for sustenance. Once, in turn, those new instances of SCP-XXXX have acquired significant body mass, they will proceed to locate each other and then split into twice as many instances. SCP-XXXX will then continue to divide itself at an exponential rate based on acquired body mass. This process, if left untended by the Foundation, can lead to a CK-class end-of-the-world scenario where humanity is exterminated by overwhelming instances of SCP-XXXX. The divergence of the original SCP-XXXX instance into two separate entities is believed to have occurred a single time in its existence, and the other instance is still at large.

The incorporation of several organisms into SCP-XXXX's body mass has been observed to allow the entity to utilize several more limbs in accordance to its main ones, which has led to the movement speed and maneuverability of SCP-XXXX to increase by many times. As well, the adoption of other organisms has allowed for multiple personalities to become prominent, and to materialize through multiple means of speech, sometimes even at the same time.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX damaged a portion of the chamber and escaped before soldiers could contain it, which led to SCP-XXXX's containment breach. SCP-XXXX was discovered in the aftermath of the brutal murder of an entire family in █████████, Maine, at approximately 2:37 AM. SCP-XXXX was believed to have initially retreated from the containment facility and escaped cross-country to the local sewer intake valve. SCP-XXXX then fully reconstructed its body proportions to fit in a 12 cm wide pipe, and climbed up the pipe into the family's home. SCP-XXXX was believed to have entered the family’s basement bathroom through pipes in the system, exited out of the toilet, and brutally murdered a member of the family as he sat upon it. Afterwards, he was cut into 79 pieces, his nutrients absorbed, and SCP-XXXX reconstructed a portion of itself with the deceased man as an extension. Utilizing the adopted vocal cords from the man, SCP-XXXX attempted the man's vocalizations to call for the help of the other family members. Family members, startled, took an approximate 37 seconds to make it down to the basement. When they located SCP-XXXX in the basement, all other family members (3) were killed within 56 seconds by SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX has been reclassified as Keter by O5 council.


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