A Person-Shaped Hole
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been moved to cold storage at Site-17. All anomalous objects have been removed from the affected locations.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the remains of a female juvenile of unclear age and ethnicity who attended Oakhill Secondary School in [REDACTED], Indiana. Due to its potent antimemetic properties, only a few distinguishing characteristics are known,

  • Homeroom C has only 27 desks, unlike all other homerooms which seat 28. When questioned, school personnel have stated that the homeroom had always been that way, although they are unable to remember the reason behind it.
  • The contents of a student folder filed between Charles MacGregor and Antonio Maloney in the principal's office are incapable of being read.
  • There is no Locker 211, with the numbering system going from 210 to 212. All school personnel insist this is an error made by the locker manufacturing company, despite roughly 30 cm of space between lockers 211 and 212 being unaccounted for when measured.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered when Agent Chao was in the area interviewing eyewitnesses of an unrelated anomalous event. After entering the school disguised as a reporter for the local paper, Chao encountered SCP-XXXX in the women's bathroom1 and alerted the Foundation. A full sweep of the school was initiated under the cover of an asbestos removal, and several traces of SCP-XXXX were discovered, including:

  • A chair in a counselor's office is unable to be focused on for a substantial amount of time, believed to have been used frequently by SCP-XXXX.
  • Two male students, Kevin Cosniak and Derek Thompson, abruptly ended a years-long friendship a week prior. When questioned, both students were unable to recall the cause of the incident, although only Derek stated his innocence in the matter.

Interviewed: Carmilla [Unknown] (see foreword)

Interviewer: Agent Jessica Chao

Foreword: Interviewing of witnesses around the school revealed a family (one father, one mother, and one daughter) who lacked a last name. An interview was arranged two weeks later under pretense of a lifestyles article.

<Begin Log>

Chao activates her camaera, following Camila to the kitchen and sitting at the table.

Chao: Alright, just making sure this recorder is working… and perfect. Camilla, I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

Camilla: No, the pleasure's all mine. Never thought a big time paper like the New Yorker would be interested in us.

Chao: How about you tell us how you met George?

Camilla: Oh, it's nothing special. Not that I'm complaining. Two people falling in love's one of the most ordinary things in the world, and that's just what happened. We got married, moved here when he got that job at the electrical company. Then along came-

Camilla pauses, a look of confusion on her face.

Camilla: Sorry, I must've lost my train of thought.

Chao: I see. You have one child, correct?

Camilla: …yes. Yes, her name is Jenny. She's 13, just got into Oakhill this fall. Little light of our lives…. Did you hear about that big asbestos scare? They even sent someone to all the houses in the neighborhood to check. You guys should write a story on that.

Chao: Heard something about that. Did they come here? I'd love to take a look around, maybe we could work that into our story.

Camilla: Oh, I don't see why not.

Chao: Perfect. How about we start with the living room?

Chao follows Camilla to the living room

Camilla: Well, you can see how I spend my time here. I read this article in Better Homes and Gardens about how you should use lighter and softer colours when you're working with a blank white wall. I wanted to paint it something else when we first moved, but I like the simplicity.

Chao: It works. I love how you've arranged the photos around the coffee table.

Chao picks up a photo of the family sitting around a campfire.

Chao: Camping trip?

Camilla: Oh, we go every year. George has a boat he loans from a friend, it's always so much fun, just a little time with the family.

A fourth chair, off to George's left in the photo, is empty.

Camilla: Should we go upstairs?

Chao: Why not.

The two progress up the stairs. The camera catches a photo of Jenny, who appears to be laughing alone on a carnival ride.

Camilla: Here's our bedroom. See that thread count? Egyptian cotton. Cost a bit, but it makes all the difference in a good night's sleep. Jenny's is just down the hall, but I cant get her to clean the room for the life of her. Over here, we have the bathroom which I think is-

Chao: What's through here?

Chao points towards an unopened door

Camilla: What? Oh, that's… we don't use that room.

Chao: So would it be alright if I took a look inside for the story?

Camilla: I… guess.

Chao moves to open the door, but Camilla grabs her wrist, stopping her.

Chao: …Is everything alright Camilla?

Camilla: Oh. Yes. Yes, it is, sorry.

The two enter a bedroom, which is furnished in bright colours. A post-mission analysis with Myosotis.aic concludes that there are a number of objects within the room that are antimemetic in nature.

Chao: I thought you said that you didn't use this room?

Camilla: We don't- I, um, no, these are like Jenny's, I bought them last month. We went to the store to buy them, just me, Jenny and-

Camilla stops abruptly.

Camilla: Oh my god.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Camilla began to cry inside the room, saying "it was all my fault". However upon questioning by Agent Chao, she had no recollection of what disrupted her emotional state. Camilla was administered a Class-A amnestic and the antimemetic objects were confiscated.

Before Agent Chao left the residence she visited the bathroom on her own initiative, confiscating a bottle of ████-brand sleeping medication. An analysis of the pills revealed a match in the high amounts of Doxylamine succinate SCP-XXXX was found to have in its system at the time of recovery.

A note was found with SCP-XXX. However, the contents are antimemetic in nature, and thus incapable of being read.

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