Forgotten Gods: Prologue
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There is a story that my tribe tells. All tribes tell it in their own ways, and all clans have their own version. Even my village of three clans tells it in three different ways.

It's said that this story is true, and that it's a thousand years old. The way I heard it growing up goes like this:

There was a time, long ago, when the world was closer to piece than it had been for many generations before. Many of the people of this world were happy, and they needed no help from their old gods.

However, one day, a terrible tragedy occurred, and many perished. In the wake of this tragedy, new gods emerged. They had hidden for long, living among the people and protecting them from the shadows that plagued the world. And as the world recovered from its loss, the new gods helped the people rebuild, and the world knew peace once again.

But the gods were not powerful enough, and eventually they failed to keep the world safe, and they fell, and the world fell with them. The demons and shadows that the gods had once protected them from roamed free, and much of the world was lost.

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