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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized


Thermal image of Tycho crater by MIRICLE in 2020.

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Archived Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to discredit all claims of extraterrestrial activity on the Moon as a result of technical malfunctions.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the corpse of American astronomer Dr. Bernard Ryu in an IEVA (intra/extravehicular activity) spacesuit, situated in the Tycho crater of the Moon. Of note, no expeditions were planned to the Moon since 1972 (see Addendum XXXX-A).

Addendum XXXX-A: On 10/24/2020, NASA's MIRICLE thermal imaging sensors detected an unusual heat signature within the Tycho crater, prompting a Foundation-organized recovery mission on 01/29/2021, with Dr. Alexanders Pierce1 as head researcher. All audio and visual files have been uploaded to CapCom for recordkeeping and analysis.

Video Log (PIERCE)

4.2 GB/1275 GB

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Pierce approaches the suit and turns it over, revealing SCP-XXXX's head. Blood is visibly emerging from its ears, nose and mouth. Its eyelids are closed.]

Dr. Pierce: (sighs) Jesus.

[Dr. Pierce gently presses two of his fingers against SCP-XXXX's neck. After four seconds, Dr. Pierce picks up the helmet and covers SCP-XXXX's head. He then proceeds to inspect the suit. Apart from dust, the suit is relatively undamaged. A name tag is visible on the left-hand side of the suit, stating: "Dr. BERNARD RYU", with a United States flag stitched to the left arm. No other points of interest were found. Dr. Pierce concludes his search after three minutes.]

<End Log>

Video Log (XIN)

9.3 GB/1275 GB

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Xin enters the lander through the hallway and keys in several buttons before the hatch closes behind him. A red luminescence fills the hallway, before a muffled hiss is heard. This hiss becomes less muffled. A beep is heard, and fluorescent lights are activated. The hatch to the interior of the lander is unlocked.]

Dr. Xin: No security mechanisms. Strange.

[As soon as Dr. Xin enters, the lights switch on. The interior of the lander is relatively untouched, except for multiple appliances knocked over onto the floor, and discarded packets of anhydrated food strewn throughout the kitchen and bedrooms.]

Dr. Xin: Hm. Electricity's fine.

[A laptop is plugged into a power outlet, unpowered. Dr. Xin approaches it and switches it on. The home screen boots up. It reads: "SISYPHUS-0".]

Dr. Xin: Hmm.

[Silence for seven seconds, before Dr. Xin reaches for his communicator.]

Dr. Xin: Command, HERCULES-1. We have a lander and a body here. The lander's mostly undamaged. Pierce is taking a look at the body and I think we found something. Advise further action, over.

[The communicator sqwuaks, and static is heard.]

Dr. Xin: Command? C- ah, shit. Pierce?

Dr. Pierce: [STATIC] -eah?

Dr. Xin: Come to the lander. I think I got something.

Dr. Pierce: On it.

[A muffled hiss and a beep are heard. Dr. Xin glances behind at the unlocking hatch before looking back at the home screen of the computer.]

Dr. Pierce: I'm here.

Dr. Xin: Look at this.

[Several clicks of the cursor reveal a window that displays the current status of the lander and three files on the sidebar.]

Dr. Xin: That's a lot of data.

[Dr. Xin looks at Dr. Pierce, who nods. Dr. Xin focuses back on the laptop and detaches a socket from his suit and inserts it into the side of the laptop.]

Dr. Xin: Sending now.

<End Log>

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