fragment:A Piss-Poor Attempt At Corporate Espionage
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Item #: SCP-5170

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation front telecommunications company is to file embezzlement charges against GoI-13 ("Starhub Corporation"1), while MTF Phi-7 ("I Want To See The Manager") is to post negative feedback2 on its website.

As of 09 Aug 2020 19:07, investigations into Starhub are ongoing to monitor its future action.

Description: SCP-5170 is a 30-second television advertisement disseminated by Starhub. After 26 seconds, SCP-5170 will display a message in the following format:


The audience group will often be addressed in an indirect and unprofessional tone, possibly to incite laughter3. Viewing SCP-5170 will result in the manifestation of SCP-5170-1 within the room currently occupied by the viewer.

SCP-5170-1 is a male humanoid of presumably Indian descent, whose primary language is English. Its motives are unknown. However, cases of an SCP-5170-1 manifestation event are occasionally accompanied by a series of gunshots. Viewers are often found deceased with several bullets lodged in multiple areas of their body4 (see incident 5170.3/audlog).

Discovery: From 06/03/2020 onwards, several complaints were filed against Starhub as well as police reports of an unknown individual intruding into residents' homes. Due to the lack of knowledge surrounding this phenomenon, these claims were eventually dismissed as a case of a burglar at large. Therefore, no Foundation intervention was necessary.

Incidents: Several incidents involving SCP-5170 occurred within Foundation sites or the homes of staff members over the course of SCP-5170's discovery. Due to the rapid procession of events involving SCP-5170, it was difficult to effectively curb its effects for the first few hours. Nearly all encounters with SCP-5170-1 ended with no casualties, except for Incident 5170.3, which took place in Site-82 breakroom.

Time: 8:03 am
Location: Dr. Kalloway's home
Event that occurred afterward: After viewing an instance of SCP-5170, SCP-5170-1 manifested behind Dr. Kalloway. SCP-5170-1 asked if Dr. Kalloway was part of the mentioned audience group. Dr. Kalloway denied being part of the audience group.5 SCP-5170-1 apologized prior to de-manifesting.
Note: 4 out of 5 colleagues reported Dr. Kalloway constantly mishandling laboratory equipment. Dismissal of Dr. Kalloway from duty pending.

Time: 9:32 am
Message during SCP-5170: "TARGET THE RAGING BULL"
Location: Mr. Pierro Corñola6, Site-71 break room
Event that occurred afterward: After viewing an instance of SCP-5170, SCP-5170-1 appeared beside the break room television, and asked if Mr. Pierro was part of the target audience. Mr. Pierro denies this.7
Note: No actions were taken, due to the possible backlash in intruding into the personal lives of non-staff members and accidental storage of inappropriate content within the site database.

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