Predictive News App
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Item #: SCP-5343

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A single copy of SCP-5343 is contained within a storage locker in Site-134. Foundation webcrawlers assigned to SCP-5343 are to monitor all mobile application distribution services for activity relating to this anomaly. If SCP-5343 is discovered, Foundation agents integrated within these services are to purge its ability to transfer files.

Human subjects who have been affected by SCP-5343 must have their mobile devices confiscated. A computer tomography (CT) brain scan must also be performed and physically stored on-site for future reference. Once the subject goes through basic recovered-memory therapies and is cleared by an on-site medical staff of all related issues, the use of Class C amnestics prior to re-integration into the general public is required.

In the event that a human subject perishes due to exposure of SCP-5343, recovered autopsies are to be stored and evaluated for significant changes.

Description: SCP-5343 is a mobile news application operating on all hand-held devices. Although media presented on SCP-5343 varies, information within these publications can directly or indirectly affect the subject's operating the application. Information presented on SCP-5343 includes:

  • Stories about the affected subject. These may range from anywhere between the subject's birth and the subject's death.
  • Informative news snippets about the affected subjects relatives or close friends.
  • Reports concerning events that have directly affected, or will affect the subject.
  • Photographed or recorded footage of the subject.1

After a period from anywhere between 4 weeks and 2 years, subjects affected by SCP-5343 experience permanent anterograde and retrograde amnesia. This has been attributed to the scarring of neural tissue within the affected subjects' temporal lobe following prolonged exposure of SCP-5343.

SCP-5343 was discovered in an apartment building on 8/12/2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Foundation personnel were authorized to investigate after intercepted police reports indicated that the subject was unresponsive after using a mobile app that they recently downloaded. It was later discovered that the subject had been deceased for approximately one week before Foundation personnel entered the area.

After SCP-5343's initial containment, a series of 6 experiments were performed in order to verify the extent and limitations of this anomaly. These experiments along with their results can be found below.

Subject(s) Procedure Results
D-159823 The subject was ordered to operate SCP-5343 extensively for 6 months. Refer to Addendum 5343-1.
D-210987 The subject operated the application for 2 days before SCP-5343 was returned to its containment. The subject reported minor memory loss. No evidence of cerebral wounding was detected. It's been concluded that SCP-5343's anomalous abilities take approximately one week to begin manifesting.
D-658972 SCP-5343 was transferred onto a computer terminal. The subject was ordered to operate the application. The subject was unable to access SCP-5343, even while operating a virtual machine. It has been concluded that SCP-5343 can only be accessed on mobile devices.
D-986714, D-185234 D-986714 was ordered to operate SCP-5343 for 3 days until transferring ownership to D-185234. D-185234 will use the application for an additional 3 days. D-986714 reported signs of memory loss while D-185234 was unaffected by SCP-5343. D-185234 admitted that they did not sign out of the application, and instead continued using D-986714's session. Subject D-185234 was terminated from the experiment.

Addendum 5343-1: D-159823 was ordered to maintain a written journal at all times throughout the experiment. This journal was later found after the experiment. Journal entries concerning SCP-5343 have been added below.

The subject was later found deceased in their cell. A final autopsy recovered from D-159823 reported a cerebral wound pattern that was similar to other subjects. This pattern has been deemed non-hazardous and can be observed below.







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