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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel are currently stored in cryogenic chambers, set to release on 07/21/2026, at 12:00 am when SCP-XXXX is completely neutralized. In the meantime, the Automated Recordkeeper of Neith (ARKON) is tasked with recording and archiving all Foundation data, as well as the prevention of the re-emergence of SCP-XXXX.

Description: [LOCKED]

The rest of the documentation is Level 4/XXXX Classified.

    • _
    The following file is Level 4/XXXX Classified.
    Unauthorized access is forbidden.
    Item#: XXXX
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
    Risk Class:


    █████ Condominium during the first few moments of SCP-XXXX.


    █████ Condominium, Bloomington, IN, USA

    Special Containment Procedures: The █████ Condominium has been evacuated and a 1km exclusion zone has been established. Cover story XXXX.034 "Poor Structural Design" is currently being disseminated.

    The exclusion zone is to be guarded by Foundation security personnel. Under no circumstances are unauthorized personnel permitted to enter this exclusion zone. All displaced civilians are relocated to a provisional shelter established near Site-81 for ease in the monitoring and evaluation of possible secondary effects from SCP-XXXX.

    Kant counters are to be installed within the exclusion zone. On-site personnel are to monitor for any significant deviations in Hume readings. Any exploration attempts are only granted by unanimous approval of the Overseer Council.

    Containment Update 05/04/2025: As per Overseer consensus, all Kant counters have been recalled. No exploration attempts into the exclusion zone are permitted (see Addendum XXXX-3).

    Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon that affected the █████ Condominium on 05/03/2025 at an unspecified time1. Due to the relatively low concentration of anomalous activity in Bloomington, data regarding SCP-XXXX's effects were primarily dependent on eyewitness accounts (see Addendum XXXX-2).

    It can be concluded that due to the manifestation of SCP-XXXX, █████ Condominium collapsed. Recent inspection records of its overall structural integrity did not reveal any discrepancies or points of concern. Investigation into this is underway See Addendum XXXX-4.

    Addendum XXXX-2: Interview

      • _

      The following is an interview with eyewitness Maryanne Caroll on the day of SCP-XXXX discovery. After this exchange, Maryanne Caroll has been amnesticized and released.

      Interviewer: Dr. S. Brock

      Interviewee: Maryanne Caroll

      [BEGIN LOG]

      Dr. Brock: How did this unfold?

      Maryanne Caroll: Well, I, uh, I think before this mess happened, I was doing the same routine, hanging the laundry on the balcony.

      Dr. Brock: Go on.

      Maryanne Caroll fidgets with her fingers throughout the rest of the interview.

      Maryanne Caroll: The whole ground shook. Knocked me off my feet.

      Dr. Brock: An earthquake?

      Maryanne Caroll: No, no… this was different. The, (pauses) the shaking felt like, it was coming from somewhere near.

      Dr. Brock: Where was this tremor coming from?

      Maryanne Caroll: I think… (pauses) if I wasn't wrong, it was coming from a nearby condo. I heard screams coming from down below, and, uh, and…

      Maryanne Caroll remains silent for five seconds.

      Dr. Brock: You still here?

      Maryanne Caroll: Y- yep, yes. I… (pauses) I don't know if I'm crazy, or, or, I don't know.

      Dr. Brock: You're not crazy, ma'am.

      Maryanne Caroll sighs.

      Maryanne Caroll: Next thing I knew, the whole fucking building was- was twisting.

      Dr. Brock: …twisting?

      Maryanne Caroll: I don't know. (pauses) I called 911, but I… I didn't know what to say to them. I just said the condo was on the brink of collapse. And… I… god.

      Maryanne Caroll covers her face with her palms.

      Dr. Brock: Would you still wish to continue?

      Maryanne Caroll: (pauses) I… yes. The, (pauses) those people. I saw them get… get f- flung out.

      Dr. Brock: Flung out?

      Maryanne Caroll: Right before those buildings collapse, I saw those last moments of some people who lived there. They were… (pauses) thrown against the windows and fell. Fell several fucking stories. Jesus, I-

      Dr. Brock: Ma'am, it would be best to calm down. We will be sure to investigate this further.

      Maryanne Caroll: (pauses) Just, just, do what you have to do.
      [END LOG]

    Addendum XXXX-3: Exploration

      • _

      In light of a possible localized reality failure, Scranton Reality Anchors had been deployed to line the exclusion zone. The following log details the dispatch of MTF ∆-3 ("Collateral Damage") to the condominium to observe any other anomalous discrepancies.


      Audio/Visual Transcript

      • ∆-3 Monto: Team Lead
      • ∆-3 Cortez: Humes Spec.
      • ∆-3 Greenway: Containment Spec.
      • ∆-3 Jamboree: Communications
      • ∆-3 Orion: Support

      Monto: Mics hot.

      Cortez: Check.

      Greenway: Check.

      Jamboree: Check-check.


      Jamboree: Yo, Orion?

      Orion: Huh? Oh, yeah, check.

      Jamboree: You still here on Earth, buddy?

      Several chuckles from the team.

      Jamboree: All good.

      Monto: Right, let's move.

      ∆-3 moves to the entrance of the condominium. An unscathed guard house can be seen.

      Monto: Jam, get on that console and see if you can pick up anything useful.

      Jamboree: On it.

      Jamboree enters the guardhouse and attempts to switch the laptop on. The laptop remains unresponsive.

      Jamboree: (sighs) Bad news, boss. Seems like all the power went down when this shitstorm happened.

      Monto: Hm. Can you fix it?

      Jamboree: I can try, boss.

      Monto: Get to it. Uh, the rest, follow me.

      ∆-3 moves past the guardhouse and enters the condominium premises. Most units are reduced to rubble, exposing the metallic beams and rebar. The debris is mostly scattered around a swimming pool, contaminated by several loose rubble.

      Monto: Cortez, how are those Hume readings?

      Cortez: Got nothing for now.

      Monto: Orion, could you-

      Monto turns around to find Orion staring at the debris.

      Monto: Orion?

    Addendum XXXX-4: Re-classification

    Addendum XXXX-5: Re-consideration

    Addendum XXXX-6: Snowpiercer Protocol

    Addendum XXXX-7: [DATA SEALED]

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