Dr. Axel Rivas Personnel File

Name: Dr. Axel Rivas Personnel File

Security Clearance Level: "Lunar Staff" Level 4

Location: Lunar-Site-04

Profession: Astrologist, Astrobiologist

Specialties: Astrobiology, geology, working with technology, mathematics, all of the Lunar Sites

History: Dr. Rivas was infected by SCP-7393 on 09/04/1979, rendering him unable to breathe the earth's atmosphere, replacing it with the necessity to "breathe" the moon's exosphere, thus refining him to live and work within the Foundation's Lunar Sites.

SCP Work: SCP-8999, SCP-6009, SCP-7379, SCP-7077, SCP-8002, Log of Anomalous Space Items

Additional Notes: Dr. Rivas has been noted to not have any close colleagues, has made no attempts to make any, but appears to appear greatly distressed by this, and has offered to be the primary caretaker of the animal anomalies that reside on the moon to make up for the lack of company. Dr. Rivas has shown signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, taking on more than 15 animal-related anomalies as of late (which seems to equate to hoarding animals), along with other commonly seen symptoms.

Interview Excerpt:

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from an interview between Dr. Rivas and Dr. Casey six months following Dr. Rivas incident with SCP-7379.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Casey: How could you tell you had been infected? Did medical staff have to intervene?

Dr. Rivas:


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