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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Brainwaves of a subject experiencing SCP-XXXX, emphasized in red. Hold click to enlarge.

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel found to be experiencing SCP-XXXX are to participate in biweekly sessions with Sophia.aic until seven days have passed since their last episode. During these interviews, affected personnel are to be exposed to specialized mnestic agents to stimulate memories of their encounter and uncover as many details as possible about the phenomenon.

Update: As of (date 2) and by direct order of O5-10, an investigation into SCP-XXXX's origins has begun; personnel assigned to this project are to coordinate with the Oneirics Department as necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a recurring dream experienced by approximately 0.7% of personnel employed by the SCP Foundation. SCP-XXXX episodes commonly last between two to three days, though outliers have been noted. At the time of this writing, no common factor has been identified among persons affected, though the existence of an unidentified quality such as latent anomalous resistance or vulnerability is suspected.

Descriptions of SCP-XXXX are uniform across reported cases, and are structured with a linear progression that will pause and resume with a subject's REM sleep cycles. Subjects report having some awareness and lucidity during episodes, but will still behave according to the "plot" of SCP-XXXX (see below). After this progression has concluded, all activity related to SCP-XXXX will cease. This is accompanied by the rapid degradation of any memories of SCP-XXXX; the use of mnestic agents has been observed to help preserve details for up to a few days following cessation.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered on (date) after the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division's Sophia.aic detected several similarities in dreams between multiple members of the Foundation with no relation to each other, as well as the members' subsequent loss of memories concerning the phenomenon.

Interview Log XXXX.1:

Interview Log XXXX.2: The following interview was conducted between Council members O5-2 and O5-10 on (date 2) after the latter reported exposure to SCP-XXXX. The conversation has been transcribed below.


DATE: (date 2)

NOTE: This interview was conducted over a secure video call; O5-2 was present at Overwatch Command, while O5-10 was temporarily stationed at Site-29.


O5-2: Ok, the connection is secure, we may begin. What is it that you had to notify me about on such short notice?

O5-10: Two, I think we found him.

O5-2: Him as in…?

O5-10: (Opens a folder and displays a file in the call.) Sorenson.

O5-2: (Pauses for a moment before widening her eyes and examining the document closer.) Are you sure?

O5-10: Erica calculated it to over 95% likelihood. Whatever these readings are from, it's almost guaranteed not to be one of the Collectives. The signature of this entity is too specific, too singular to be anything else.

O5-2: Don't get carried away, Ten. It may be likely but it's not certain. A 95% chance is still only a chance. I don't want you to get your hopes up.

O5-10: I saw the shining city, Two. No antimeme could make me forget the craftsmanship with which the stones of those buildings was wrought, nor the brilliance emanating from the cathedral. Just as he always spoke of. It's him, Marie. Of this I am completely certain.

O5-2: (Nods.) I trust your intuition, but don't let your emotions cloud your judgement. We know better than most what love can do if left unchecked.

O5-10: This is different, Two, and you know it.

O5-2: (Sighs.) I assume you've already activated Azure Sclera?

O5-10: (Nods.) As per the protocol I put in place. The programs have already begun noosphere mapping, and once they've pinpointed his location there, we'll be able to track him physically.

O5-2: Right, and what exactly are you planning to do once they've found him?

O5-10: Once we've found him.

O5-2: (Narrows her eyes.) Ten…

O5-10: I'm going with or without approval of the Council. I can't walk away from this, not when I'm so close.

O5-2: (Sigh.) I doubt I'd even be able to stop you if I tried, but I will say this: be careful. It's been decades, and if these readings are anything to go on, he's involved with serious oneirics out there. You can't even be certain he'll remember you.

O5-10: I appreciate the sentiment, but I'll be fine. As for the rest of the Council…

O5-2: (Nods.) Don't concern yourself with that. I'll make sure to keep this between the two of us, at least for the time being.

O5-10: Thank you, Two.

O5-2: (Switches through some documents on screen, stops on a miscellaneous document, and breathes deeply.) Don't do anything stupid.

O5-10: (Smiles lightly.) I'll do my best.


Attachment 2

Person of Interest File:


(Clockwise from left) Gregory Sorenson, Lief Sorenson, and an unidentified housemaid, circa 1920.

P.o.I. 534249

Name: Gregory Sorenson

Date of Birth: Late 1898

Capabilities: Decelerated physical aging, astral projection, occult practitioner, possible knowledge of kinetoglyphs

Affiliated Groups: The Children of Njörun, Church of the Broken God, small Sarkic groups, SCP Foundation

History: While most data on Gregory Sorenson's early history has been lost, the subject's earliest known activity was around 1920 when he became involved in a Norwegian occultist group self-identifying as "The Children of Njörun1," at 22 years old. While this group's exact goals have yet to be determined, it appears to have taught adherents how to develop and utilize extrasensory abilities such as astral projection, consciousness manipulation, dream divination, and lifespan extension. Sorenson quickly became a high-ranking member of the organization while also making contacts in several groups of interest.

Sorenson's first contact with the SCP Foundation occurred during a Foundation-organized raid on a Church of the Broken God meeting location in Oslo, Norway, where he was among several individuals captured. After proving thoroughly cooperative with Foundation operatives and verifying his lack of alignment with the Church, Sorenson was released. Sorenson remained in contact with the Foundation as a paid informant for several years, providing an abundance of information on several dangerous groups to the Foundation.

In late 1932 while investigating a lead concerning a streak of unusual activity in South America, Sorenson fell out of contact with his Foundation correspondents, and disappeared soon after. Despite extensive efforts, Sorenson could not be found, and is considered most likely deceased.

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