Short Summary:

The SCP-XXXX is basically the act of dying. Instead of just "soaking into the Earth," the Foundation believes the possibility of a "loose reincarnation" (kinda like Buddhism, but different?) Instead of just your "soal" returning to another body, it actually breaks down until the "core of the soal" (which is you, the reader) is separated from the other "souls" around you. (This is confusing, I know). Once you die, you have a small period until other souls clump back around you, and you are reborn. These souls, once reincarnated, are able to hop from one person to the next, causing "emotions" and "feelings" to occur. (It takes a long time until these souls can truly manifest, hence why the concept of "baby amnesia" exists.)

The real anomaly I'm referring to when I say "soul" is actually SCP-XXXX-1, which in this case will be the reader (and whoever is accessing the file once they die.) This is not a "pure soul" but rather, an amalgamation of "souls" which make up individuals (or humans). This -1 is supposed to be symbolic of the reader "creating characters in their minds" which cause whatever person they're reading about to have "feeling" in their minds.


  1. Too tropey (obviously since it's about death.)
  2. The concept doesn't have enough strength to stand (many real-life theories clump together to form their own thoughts of death. This is like, another version of that, but more amalgamated. I may have to take a step back and think of a way to make this different?)
  3. It's just not appealing. Like, whoa, death is an anomaly? So overdone.


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