SCP-3476 Tale

You would assume that staring at a half-rotting corpse first thing in the morning might've been more disturbing.

Jakob Reigen had similar thoughts initially as he approached her makeshift grave. His breath pumped warm fog into the frigid, December air as his feet crushed the ice-tipped grass beneath him. The scene of the crime lay in the backyard of a grand Estate owned by the McQueens, nearby a traditional Oregon suburb farther west. The stone walls and delicate details of the mansion surrounded the researcher and his group in a suffocating atmosphere of luxury and pristine. It was a pleasant change of pace from their usual work. Reigen was relieved, figuring that this assignment would be a chance for him and his team to catch their breaths before moving on to the next grueling task that lay ahead.

Unfortunately, the smell of decaying flesh had spoiled any hope for Reigen long before he had the time to let himself settle down.

He thought that it would get better after his arrival. But, seeing as remains were being probed by strange men in black coats as they approached—Reigen wasn't filled with much hope. However, he did take some solace in knowing that he wasn't alone. While Reigen's group approached, twenty other Site-119 personnel scoured the lawn and interior of the Estate, each intently focusing on their own respective duties. Everyone inside the mansion was primarily focusing on forensic investigation. Meanwhile, others like Reigen were busy trying to understand the paranormal oddities surrounding the incident itself.

In front of them, a corpse lay alongside its grave, which was situated below an old garden fountain located near the back-end of the property. By now, Reigen's group had dispersed themselves, leaving him alone with the other black-coated men as they continued their observations. Reigen let out an exasperated sigh. He knew that this was going to be a long day.

"Admiring the scenery?" A sly, bodacious voice taunted below Reigen. He didn't need to think twice to know who it was.

He looked down. Unsurprisingly, his eyes landed on a pale, plump man sitting on the ground beside the dead body. Henry Dillon. A friend of Jakob Reigen and the reason he was ever accepted and introduced into Site-119.

Reigen smiled, "Just trying to compose myself." Dillon's hand hovered dangerously close to the woman's torso, where a series of stab-wounds littered the body's abdomen. Reigen's stomach was beginning to churn—it had been quite a while since he intervened in an official investigation. Pitiful, he was well aware of that. But he couldn't help it. After all, it had been months since he was actually out in the field. Up until recently, Reigen was solely responsible for training his field agents. But things were different now.

"What's the situation?" he asked Dillon, squatting to meet his gaze.

Dillon squinted in concentrated thought. "Well," he began, turning his head to face Reigen. "From what I can tell, we got a sloppy, wannabe-killer on the loose."

Reigen resisted the urge to shake his head. These were becoming increasingly more common. Especially in the States. Trying to stop paranormal criminals was only getting more difficult as time went on. The growing paperwork was also a pain for Reigen to deal with, but that was largely irrelevant to the actual problem. "Is that it?"

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