Exquisite Corpse Contest: BROKEN ANTICHRIST
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The team assigned to supervise SCP-XXXX is to maintain the pretense that they are members of the Heavenly Host. If personnel tasked with SCP-XXXX cease communication for a period exceeding five days, or otherwise refuse to comply with Foundation directives, they are to be apprehended and amnesticized by MTF Indi-36 ("Timeline Jumpers!") that have been equipped with the capability of transtemporal travel.1 In the event that this occurs, all modern technology that was given to SCP-XXXX must be retrieved and the offending personnel are to be detained in permanent containment chambers within our current timeline. Once this event can be properly de-escalated, MTF Indi-36 is to return and replace any SCP-XXXX instance(s) that have been affected if applicable.

Personnel assigned towards SCP-XXXX's investigation are prohibited from interacting with any densely populated areas or committing time-altering actions that could instill an SF-Level History Rewrite event or higher. SCP-XXXX operations are prohibited from deviating between the years of 400 and 1400 AD2. Any temporal drift caused by SCP-XXXX must be rectified immediately.

SCP-XXXX must store any anomalous objects or remains of hostile anomalies that they acquire within a supplied time capsule, which will then be left at a previously agreed upon pickup point. This capsule will then be retrieved at the next History Update Event and the contents contained appropriately. Live, erratic, or perishable anomalies which cannot be sufficiently contained within a capsule will be recovered directly from SCP-XXXX’s time. It is preferred that these anomalies are retrieved in bulk to reduce the resources consumed by transtemporal travel.


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