Just Because They Bark Doesn't Always Mean They're Dogs

Iteration 3, edited at Site-68 [5 June 2012, 23:44] sent to Foundation databases, pending approval. If approved, SCP-XXXX will be updated on Site-68 internal servers.

Summary of Edits: I can't believe they would let me fix this. Especially after all that happened. Site-68… it was crazy. Almost like I was trying to manage nothing but a shitfest. I mean, who ships out nearly two dozen anomalies to a single Site, in less than a week?! It wasn't only that, though. It was everything, seeing your co-workers get devoured, or turn into meat goo… how do people just walk away from all of that unscathed? Are these people actually insane? It's just crazy how some vacation time really fixes you up.

They wanted the first edits to be removed before my clearance got lowered. Smart. They reveal way too much about what happened, and I'm sure someone could've held it over my head if this ever got upped to the EC. But, that's never going to be an issue now, especially with the story I made. Now, hopefully, no one will say anything. Convenient that everyone is so forgiving, yeah?

Does it matter that they're gone now though? As transparent as they make themselves out to be, I wouldn't be surprised if SCP-5257 is never corrected after this. Surely they wouldn't want someone to ruin their reputation, yeah? I mean, what they don't know won't hurt them.

Yeah… they'll just leave it. I'm sure they won't change anything. After all, it's much easier to blame something that no one can see. Otherwise, they'd have to point their fingers at someone who can fight back.

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