In Memorandum of My Father's Departure, and my Thoughts Thereafter

This is your only warning. The series of events detailed in this story are not for the faint of heart. There are no anomalies. There are no "secret organizations." The content you're about to read is very real, despite whatever vain comment you latch onto in the Discussion thread. If you were looking for a cutesy horror story about monsters going bump in the night, or perhaps searching for narratives about obscure sex jokes, then this isn't what you're wanting.

No one would blame you if you left now. After all, you'd probably be better off in whatever fantasy land you were searching for. At least there you could be afraid of the things that you know can't exist. You wouldn't be at any risk whatsoever, totally and completely safe from the harshness of whatever reality you live in.


People seem to misunderstand what "abuse" really means.

From the moment myself and my twin sister was born, our innocence was often utilized as a weapon for my father.

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