Part 1

It was uncommon to see speeding headlights traveling through Sideview Road. Coupled alongside the lack of sunlight and the smell of fresh morning dew; the sole passageway into Wallowdale was usually more barren. Peaceful. If you had asked the neighboring counties, the local Kentuckians would've warned against going anywhere near the small and dinky town. Some may have even whispered of hauntings or the paranormal. Tall-tales and spooky stories, the types of fiction that would've made any campfire fall silent and tense in anticipation.

Such an atmosphere lingered within the all-black 2011 Jeep Wrangler as it progressed towards Wallowdale. Inside, four passengers quietly sat, each fixated with their own thoughts and concerns. Of which included Jakob Reigen, who was attempting to focus past his reflection and to the outside world as he stared through the far-right passenger window. His effort was in vain, of course. The condensation clinging to the glass was much too thick for anyone to look through and Reigen was certainly no exception. Still, the distraction brought him some comfort from his growing uncertainty as the deafening silence permeated around him.

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