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Item #: SCP-5407

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5407 is a incorperal entity appearing as a young humanoid female of European decent, measuring 2.4 meters in height and wearing a blindfold that appears be made of a thin silk-like material. SCP-5407 only manifests within the regions of Tōhoku, Kantō, Chūbu, and Kansai of modern-day Japan.

SCP-5407 appears to male subjects, but only those with past experience of committing some form of adultery or infidelity. In most circumstances, SCP-5407 will manifest near the alleyways of local bars or adult entertainment clubs, in which it will try to lure a male subject by emitting a loud vocal hum. Subjects who have been exposed to this noise report sensations of "happiness" or "lust." Nearby subjects will be unable to hear the sound, as it appears that this hum appeals to whoever SCP-5407 is targeting at that moment.

Once lured, SCP-5407 will move the subject away from the general public. After they are alone, SCP-5407 will then ask the target the following question: "Do you like I'm lovely?"

If the subject denies, SCP-5407 will begin to smile, assuring the subject that they had made the right decision before de-manifesting entirely. However, if the subject agrees to SCP-5407's question, the anomaly will begin to scream, reaching approximately 110 dB's before stopping. The entity will then remove its blindfold, exposing two multi-colored eyes. In both pupils, a series of red pentagons can be seen. Once the subject observes these eyes, SCP-5407 will be able to assume control over its target. In almost all circumstances, SCP-5407 will tell the subject terminate itself, which they will comply with. However, it has been observed that in some cases, SCP-5407 will tell the subject to leave the premises before de-manifesting. This has been observed in atleast 15% of all of the reported cases of SCP-5407.

Addendum 5407-1:

Interviewed: SCP-5407

Interviewer: Dr. Devin Collins

Foreword: On 05/17/2020, Dr. Collins was inserted into the Kantō region of Japan in order to ascertain enough evidence to prove the existence of SCP-5407. If applicable, Dr. Collins was directed to engage and interview the anomaly.

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