"MAXWELL!" Margarette screamed.

[[Maragarette activates the Heart of Mekhane and truly unleashes divine providence from the very skies, hence the title.]]

[[end with Margarette's skeleton burning on fire, animate, and walking with the decapitated head of her former love, Maxwell to the epicenter of the Ophanim. Becomes a Fragment of God.]]

[[The Lady comes back to the ship, floating, superimposed on the minds of the indentured, colored, and those too young or old to join in the expedition; it is screaming and all they can see is her teeth.
Maxwell's sermons play on repeat— then shift into a discordant crescendo across all the hummercoms. While the crew scream in extasy, the ship moves on its own, joining the nuclear fires emitted from the Ophanim.]]

[[The Lady of the Consecrated Lake. End on liquid thermite pulsing endlessly across the Sarkite town, burning its damp contours and housing units. In holy vengeance.]]

[[Epilogue by Fortuna Ltd. "Fate, at the flip of a coin!" establishes a brief timeline of events on the Lady of the Consecrated Lake, the Sarkic Townships, Warehouse 555 and a stashes of anomalous goods found throughout frontier towns, and further investment deals in a nonchalant manner.]]

[[Write how MC&D envoys were converted into members. Write how Washington militiaman was converted into members when attempting to take back the region. Then, an attempt by Fortuna and Associates with the Grand Council of Monopolies with old Cogwork Orthodoxy members that reveal locations to other fragments of God. Allude to how the Maxwellians and the traditional Orthodoxy have different goals.]]

[[Write how Fortuna and the Grand Council of Monopolies labor to trade with the Rhyolite's specialized commodities, anomalous metals that spew forth from thermite pools in the ground.]]

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