Project Proposal 2024-223

Project Proposal 2024-223

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Name: Capital H

Title: Just A Dream

Material Requirements:

  • 25,000 tonnes of bricks, concrete and other building materials.
  • 25 human simulacra, non-animate.
  • 1 thaumaturgic implosion detonator
  • A method of injecting data into a highly secure database.
  • 1 ritual capable of variably affecting consciousness in an area (already in my possession).
  • Paint (already in my possession).


We all know they are watching, that they have the means to intercept our communications. Considering that, and the nature of this piece, I feel it best to discuss the specifics of its implementation in person.


All of us have lost things to the Foundation. People we know, taken and locked away for daring to show the world something new. Our works, seized and destroyed by people who would rather keep the world in the dark than let them see something spectacular. The very freedom to practice our craft without fear or persecution. They take so much, and we can't fight them. They are bigger than us. The schoolyard bully five years our senior, pushing us into the dirt without fear of retaliation.

We can't fight them, and we'd be stupid to try. We know how vindictive they can be. But we can send them a message. A message showing them the value and power of what we do. A message showing them that we won't just sit idly by while they try to bury our way of life.

If they don't want the world to see our art, we'll start making art specifically for them.

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