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Date: 03/07/1941

Designation: 001

Description: Anomaly 001 appears to be a process that causes humans to appear out of nothing. They seem to appear in groups of 3 to 7 thousand people, usually in remote areas, and after a brief moment of confusion disperse and integrate into society. Based on our global population models and the frequency of the anomaly, we estimate over 150 million additional people are currently living on Earth. No specific geological or political region appears to be favoured in where these appearances occur; as such, we believe hostile attempts at invasion or replacement can be ruled out as a motivation.

Only one of these events has been witnessed directly, though because of the large numbers of people involved and the relatively small team present at the time, only a handful of them were able to be detained. The rest fled into the surrounding area. Included below is a brief note regarding the findings from these detainees.

In the days and weeks following a 001 event, the rate at which we discover other Anomalies that require our intervention increases dramatically, frequently centred around the area that the original event occurred in. While there is a probable link between this increase and the 001 events, no direct proof or reasoning behind it has been found as of yet.

It is the consensus of the Council that those people who have evaded detainment should be allowed to live amongst the general population, as long as they do so peacefully. The simple reality is that we lack the resources to detain nearly 10% of the world's population and so any other course of action would be folly.

Included memorandum from Doctor William Standish

As you all know, following recent discoveries of an esoteric energy field that fluctuates in the presence of things we deem unnatural, I have created a mechanism throughwhich one can determine if a person or objects sits above or below what we have determined to be the resting value for this field. While it is not 100% reliable, it has proven itself to be useful on a number of occasions.

Following the failure of interrogative techniques in yielding usable information from the people created during the 001 events, I was asked to apply my mechanism to the entities in question to determine what might be learned, and the results were quite fascinating.

At a baseline level, the reading from these people on what we are calling the Hume field fluctuates very slightly, above and below the resting state, in contrast with every other standard human, which gives a flat reading. In addition, when specifically centred on the persons head, the reading spikes noticeably. Not by a massive amount, I must state, but enough that it is notably above resting normal.

What is most notable, however, is that in the process of conducting these tests, I discovered an additional axis on which to measure the field. Everything to date that we have tested has either gone up or down, but these people, whatever they are, are causing the field to also fluctuate very slightly from side to side. Based on this, and all the other available evidence, it is my estimation that these people are not from our reality at all, but some other place that has developed entirely in parallel to our own.

I will continue to research the implications of these discoveries, as I have been instructed.

Dr. William Standish

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I found a memetic kill agent attached to one of the files I was investigating. I think it was designed as a memory wipe. Looks like it's been accessed a few times too. Someone is definitely trying to hide something here. I've found a trail of old files for 001, all deleted or fully redacted.

I did manage to find one, though. It was old, maybe the first. There was something else attached to the file too but it was encrypted, I couldn't get into it.

I've included a link to the file. It was buried so far down inside the database, I think it might have been there since the day it was built, and it hard some wild protections on it too. I couldn't even copy it.

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