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Update To Documented Unnatural Activity
Regarding Designation 001

At 8am on February 21st 1922, an unnatural event was witnessed by a number of personnel loyal to the organisation, and documented thusly. It did occur that people numbering in the hundreds appeared as if from nowhere directly on a beach in the city of Michigan. Alongside these people were beasts and trinkets of all manner of unnatural make and design.

The people themselves appeared confused and disoriented. Many professed ignorance as to their surroundings, making claims of previously being elsewhere, surrounded by chaos and destruction as though the world itself were about to end. As well, they appeared quite alarmed by the other unnatural things now in their midst, and many casualties occurred soon afterwards.

The anomalous things themselves, those capable of movement anyway, rapidly fled the area. Additionally, this event was witnessed by a great many civilians, and I fear suppressing news of such a thing will be a monumental feat. Those objects incapable of movement began causing many strange things to happen in the vicinity. One caused the sand of the beach to turn to glass before my eyes, another made a sound unlike any I've heard before, one I can only liken to the noise a stream engine might make, if it were capable of despair. Those of us present did our best to subdue these unnatural things, and some of them are being shipped to headquarters presently. I regret we were unable to acquire them all.

Additional notes taken by myself and Joseph are included with each individual object.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Darrington

Unnatural Activity, Designation 001
The following concerns the anomalous event designated 001, an event in which hundreds of people appear from nowhere, with no knowledge of how they arrived, alongside a great many dangerous and unpredictable objects.

The above letter from Mr. Darrington makes the third such occasion that an event of this kind has been observed to occur, and by our estimation a great many of occurred outside of our sight. It is currently believed that tens, or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people have appeared as from nowhere and are currently living amongst the people of Earth, and bringing with them each time a slew of other things that require our attention.

Interviews with those recovered from such events repeatedly tell a similar tale. Some grand disaster or calamity of some unnatural nature affecting their world, threatening Armageddon as society around them crumbles. And then, they are here, suddenly and without warning. One cannot begin to fathom the nature of such an event, but clearly they are a from a place that is not this Earth.

The objects and beasts they bring with them shall be documented separately, as they number too many to be appended to this document with regularity.

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Guess I might as well put this bad habit of leaving notes for myself to use. You've found this, looking for answers about something, and odds are good this isn't the first time. And if that's the case, you probably don't remember the other times. I hope you don't.

I know what you're thinking, of course. Why go to all this trouble to hide something? I've seen worse! I've done worse! What's that saying about asking questions you don't want the answers to? Too late for that now I guess.

So what is the anomaly you've been chasing? You probably think there's some grand mystery, that the people appearing are a distraction or the whole thing is a lie. It's not, though. The what of it has always been plain enough. It's the why you're really after here. So, here's why.

A long time ago, in a place far from where you are now, something happened. Something weird. Then something else weird happened. And weird things kept happening, and kept happening, and kept happening. We met others, and weird things happened to them too. Other people from other worlds. Parallel dimensions. Alternate realities. And so we decided to do something about it. You decided to do something about it.

We found another world, another place where weird stuff already happened. A place behind us, chronologically speaking. We found a place and we sent all the weird things there. We felt bad about it, though. Some of these things were dangerous. So you went there too. You and some others, to form a group of people to help keep these things locked up. You can't destroy them, see. Trying to usually makes it worse, and if you do actually succeed, eventually they end up back where they came from. Back home and ten times worse.

What is the anomaly you designated 001? Your universe.

Your home, my home now, is the dumping ground for a dozen or more other universes. They send the anomalous to you so that hundreds of billions of people can live free of the madness these things bring. And when we fail, when something goes wrong and entire worlds are destroyed, we send the survivors to you too. People needing a fresh start.

At this point you're probably wondering about all the secrecy. If you've read this before, why don't you remember it?! Don't worry, it'd catch up with you sooner or later. The whole thing was your idea. And it seemed like a good idea. It is a good idea. One universe sacrificed to make dozens safe. I live in the dark so that they can live in the light. But it will catch up with you. All the deaths, all the destruction. Every life lost to something strange and unexplainable. All because you had a grand idea that you thought you could live with. But that's the trick when you live for hundreds of years, isn't it. No matter what you think you can handle, eventually it piles up.

And could the others handle it? Whoever you've surrounded yourself with to accomplish this task, could they live with the knowledge that their entire reality is an interdimensional trash can? Or would they start destroying the things we've sent, out of spite or rage, ultimately sending the danger back to the home we've sacrificed so much to protect?

You already know the answer to that one.

Here's what you're going to do. Think about it for a bit if you like, but you'll realise it's the right course of action. First up, cover all the tracks that have led you here in the first place. You'll think you did a good job but I know what I'm like, I can be sloppy with stuff like this. Make sure you get it all. Then, edit whatever documentation you have on 001. Downplay it. Whatever lead you here in the first place, get rid of it. Just make sure there's nothing interesting there to see. It's just a few extra people and nothing else, who cares, right?

After that, there's a memetic agent located with this file. You might have already found it. It's specifically set up to make you forget all of this. Don't worry about preserving it, that's already handled - like I said, your new reality is chronologically behind your home. About 300 years or so, to be exact. The meme will take care of itself.

The meme will make you forget, and if you've done everything else right you'll never see this file again.

So don't fuck it up.

Jack Karadaki

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